ScummVM 20th Anniversary @GOG Including Starship Titanic


ScummVM is a program that allows you to run many classic point-and-click adventure games and RPGs on modern computers. The program replaces executables shipped with games and makes them playable on systems for which they were never designed! ScummVM rewrites executables but does not require emulators and complex setups. For many years, thanks to ScummVM, you can enjoy many timeless classics on GOG!

Lots of decent deals for some real oldies. I had no idea I didn’t have Starship Titanic on GOG. Guess I will have to remedy that quickly. It’s made by Doug Adams, the creator of The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.

Starship Titanic

Here’s the Steam link too.

Another good game is…Toonstruck.

Starring Christopher Lloyd (Back to the Future, Taxi) and featuring the vocal talents of Dan Castellaneta (TV’s Homer Simpson), Dom DeLuise (All Dogs Go To Heaven I & II), and the inimitable Tim Curry (Gabriel Knight, Rocky Horror Picture Show)!


Toonstruck is such a wonderfully bizarre game, anyone who enjoys point and click adventure games should pick it up. Though the res is pretty low it holds up surprisingly well even today.


But do know going in (Toonstruck) that while the ending is fine, the story is unfinished. I believe it was supposed to be a trilogy?

Should probably pick up Titanic myself.


Gog says I own Toonstruck. Nifty games in that sale. No buyings. Thanks @delenn13 :heart: