Sci-Fi Story Bundle is up (thru end of the month), also a Humble Book Bundle recommendation

Just a heads-up for anyone who may be interested, the new StoryBundle is up: The Bundoran Buddies Sci-Fi Bundle. 12 books from Bundoran Press. None of which are from authors I follow, so I can’t explicitly give them a thumbs-up or -down, but they’re there for your perusal.

One that I can recommend, however, is the newest Humble Bundle of comic books: Deadly Class by Image Comics. Issues 1-35 are available, depending on what tier you buy in at, and these are some good reading. Imagine high school, in the late '80s, but the school is one for young assassins and the lead protagonist just got pulled in as a new class member. Trust me, it’s good stuff, and it was recently picked up SyFy to get a live action treatment.


I’m a terrible person who judges books by their covers, and whilst I’m generally up for a Scifi or Fantasy collection, nothing there insta-grabs me, or at least persuades me to add to my reading backlog.

Thanks for the headsup though.


No worries. A lot of what you find in the StoryBundle collections that are supposedly “curated” are self-published or one-step-above-self-published books that, to be quite honest, you probably wouldn’t have paid full price for in a bookstore. None of them in the latest batch really grabbed me, either, but I know that I’m prone to completely forgetting that the bundle even exists (even though I’m on their mailing list), so I figured I’d throw out a heads-up for anyone out there.


Nothing grabbed me either…


As well, nothing piqued my interest, but thanks for sharing! Never know with these bundles… we may get lucky soon :slight_smile: