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School thread


I’ve taught some people to draw before, you’d be surprised by the results, watch this vid… hold on :thinking:

Click bait joke aside, I have indeed taught people how to draw before, and all of them have reached really good levels in a very short time (as in less than a year).

What I’ve found out so far, is that, if you are more interested on it, you’ll learn quicker, because you just dedicate more time to it, the ones who have stuff to do may take a little longer, but as long as you keep at it you’ll get there, seriously, people don’t even realize how easy it is to draw something.

However, for me at least, the talent, or genius as some may call it ( grant us eyes ), comes into play when deciding what to draw: subject, composition, technique, deciding how to use those is what makes a good work of art, anyone can make a landscape or portrait, but putting that something else on it, that’s what’s on the artist.
Anyone can learn how to use some tool and be a master with it, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be able to produce something of worth with it.

Just look at our very common hobby for examples, anyone can learn how to use Unreal or Unity and put something worth the try out there, but whether it’ll be the next Hollow Knight, Obra Din or big massive hit depends more on the creativity than anything else.


I too have a great dislike for people proclaiming how ‘talented’ people are when spotting a work of some sort, as if that thing sprung forth as a gift from god in half an hour.

I have during many periods of my life tried out some form of artistry or another, drawing, animating, photography even did a bit of sculpting briefly. My chief problem was always this

Even my forays into learning programming was always hampered at this stage. I can code as far most instructions reach but I can’t for the life of me come up with anything interesting to DO with it. So as with so many things it just runs out in the sands of time.


watch this vid… hold on :thinking:

I’m still waiting! :wink:

Drawing is something I’ve always wanted to do but am bad at. I watch lots of videos on youtube on drawing and scaling and shapes etc. But when I try to do it myself, it looks so bad. So so bad.

So I’ve just come to the conclusion that I just like watching people make art, rather than trying to do it myself. I guess I compromised with myself?


Here, this will hold you over.

I think we could be a lot better human beings if we took the advice presented here.


I’d be happy to give you some practical coding “assignments” if you’d like. I feel like the key is to have something fun/useful to work on.


Aaaaand subscribed. I can’t believe I haven’t had this channel show up in my recommendations. Thanks!


I think there is a life lesson hidden in this paragraph. Not everyone is going to contribute something unique to our world. There is value in being able to execute a task, just like there is value in thinking of something new. I’m into engineering and science, a lot of the ‘inventions’ I encounter are often idea’s long lost, from a time where it wasn’t technically viable to execute said idea. This is especially true for a lot of things in information theory, as mathematicians had it all figured out before computers even existed.
Ramblings aside, excel in what you are good at and like to do.


I’m fully aware of what Nostalgia is and how it warps ones perception of past events but i must say that i look back to my school and college years and i miss them. People,dreams,hopes and that sense of ‘everything is a head of me’ sense .

I guess what i’m trying to say is that even though things might seem hard at moments just enjoy stuff you can enjoy , which brings you hapiness and make best of it :slight_smile:

P.S and focus . I’ve always been ‘scattered brained’ and kind of regret it now .


Same here… Which makes it seem obvious we should value and appreciate any time we have now as well, in addition to the things we are doing.

I guess it’s better to live in the now instead of looking too far in the future or trying to relive the past.


Pretty sure I’m going to fail my geometry class.



I have dozens of resources from when I was a teacher.

Throwing it all at you in this post will be overwhelming. So I’ll just pick 2.


Written + worksheet.

Geometry was my favorite class. But it was also the most difficult to explain if your teacher is bad. You can literally explain the same thing in different ways or get the same answer differently.

My geometry teacher’s favorite quote was, “The more you know, the less work you do.” And it was so true, shortcuts are everywhere once you understand it.


I had a really hard time with geometry and it didn’t help that I had a very dry, boring teacher. His name was Mr. Dudley and boy did he live up to that name. What a dud!

I made A’s and B’s in everything but that. Finally asked for help from my parents and they got me a tutor. What a difference. There is no shame in asking for help. Sometimes you need help to “get it”. And you will need to “get it”…You use geometry all the time and don’t realize it.

"Even without ever cracking open a geometry book, geometry is used daily by almost everyone. Your brain makes geometric spatial calculations as you step your foot out of bed in the morning or parallel park a car. In geometry, you are exploring spatial sense and geometric reasoning.

You can find geometry in art, architecture, engineering, robotics, astronomy, sculptures, space, nature, sports, machines, cars, and much more."

Don’t give up…Fight!


Thanks, @GDBringer, @delenn13.

I’m actually going to attempt at somewhat seriously studying for my classes.

Side comments:

  • I don’t think I’m going to pursue a job in the math field (seems too early to think about jobs, but yeah, might as well). I was good okay at math before, but I’ve lost whatever passion I had for it.
  • Yeah, I agree. I don’t really understand the concepts my teacher explain to me though, since it’s mostly logical reasoning (I cannot, for the life of me, do logical reasoning).


There’s always genetics!
Think of the exciting life of:


Ooh, haven’t commented on this thread for a while.

Cooperative gaming club is officially a thing! We managed to get Osu to work (fun as hell, I’m addicted now), and managed to boot Steam off a flash drive (which, although doesn’t sound impressive, is pretty awesome to a bunch of teenagers). We still haven’t managed to boot games off Steam, but we have several other choices for games.

We went out to eat at a food place near our school, and it was certainly enjoyable. We’re probably going to do this every week.

I’m enjoying my clubs. Chilling with friends is one of the most enjoyable activities that I can think of.



I am not proud to say that I am (close to) failing physics.
My physics teacher beats around the bush when it comes to teaching us anything. Even when we manage to learn something, he ends up giving us questions that literally have nothing to do with what we just learned. He expects us to solve everything by ourselves, based on our loose knowledge of the topic.

I’m trying to do a few questions every night, but it’s not working.


Which level physics is this?

And how is your calculus skills?

I remember having a solid foundation in calculus was very useful in the college physics courses I took.

Learn formulas and try to find out how they can apply to specific situations is very much the practical aspect of physics and what makes the base mathematics more interesting.


11th grade level, I believe. (basically 2 years above my grade)

My math skills are shabby, so I essentially have zero experience in calculus. I really have no idea what any of the formulas do, apart from a few.


When I took physics in college it was basically “build-an-equation”. Flat out failed my first exam. They expect you produce equations and mash them together to make some magic bullshit of an equation. They were always like “just remember, F=ma”. Yeah, in about 50 forms that produce at least one different variable per equation.

Screw physics classes.


sums up physics in one sentence.
fucking sucks to have to explain my 70 in physics to my parents.