School thread

Brrrring! School has started! (well, it started already)

Freshmen, sophomores, juniors, seniors, college students, and middle school students alike have all started school (including me). First days can be rough, but first days can also mark the start of a new journey.

This thread is meant for students and Chronies alike to give advice, stories, tips, and other school related information to those who seek it. If you want to talk about your school experiences, you are most certainly free to do so.

Enjoy your school year, students! :apple:


don’t drop the soap!


Study hard, have fun too, don’t get caught…


I am not a MS fan…but there is this…




Ew nu school o~o
It’s funny because for me it’s when I am about to finish university by handing in my final project.
Good luck to everyone with a new school year.
Those starting university etc.


So I had this discussion with a 17 year old guy the other day. He was just so damn tired of everything and I tried my best to convince him to keep going for this last little time he had left in school.
I’ve been there myself and didn’t have someone to convince me to keep going so… I didn’t. I had to go back and fix my grades a few years later and that just sucks.
So keep at it kids!


Don’t let bullies make you think you’re not the most awesome person you can be now. Lots of growing to do yet - you and them. (In their case - a whole lot more >>)

If times are tough, Chrono is a safe place. You can come home and talk to someone here about it. Also, parents have already been there, don’t be ashamed or scared to share what’s going on in your head. Cheers.



My advice (I’m currently at college, not missing my school years at all):



Date someone from your classroom.

Yes, that’s the best advice I have to give. Good luck getting back to school! :butterfly:


Stay. In School :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:

Don’t quit. You aren’t a quitter :grey_exclamation::grey_exclamation::grey_exclamation:


Unless you smoke!


And you can quit robbing banks too…

It’s OK to quit certain things…:thinking:


…and don’t do drugs




Drugs Are Really Exciting

…oh wait…no…

Drug Abuse Resistance Education

(i actually didn’t remember what it stands for, so I had to look it up)


As for ACTUAL advice.

For High Schoolers: High School SUCKS. If you disagree, then okay, that’s fine. To me, College is much better.

However, depending on where you are in High School, I think it would be worthwhile to look into what you actually want to study in College/University. To a minimum, get the general field down. Take some of your free time or find classes (if you are lucky enough to have them) in different fields. Say IT, engineering, business, design, agriculture, life sciences, human sciences, medicine, automotive technology, construction, etc. The list is pretty large. This is mainly as a cost saving measure and the sooner you figure out what you enjoy, the easier it will be later.

For College People:
ENJOY IT WHILE IT LASTS. I know it sucks, but if you can, don’t burn yourself out. College is one of the few places where just about everyone is rather close in age. One you go out into the Real World™, everything changes.

My suggestion is to have fun, join clubs, go out on weekends (but be smart about it). Depending on your university, the rules may be different, but at the university I went to, the Campus Police basically straight up told us a few things:

  • Yes, we know people drink underage. Be smart about it. When you start being stupid, that’s when we get involved.

  • We can’t stop you from smoking pot, just do it SOMEWHERE ELSE. Don’t do it on campus, as we WILL have to investigate.

  • If your friend had too much to drink, call 911 (emergency number). We won’t lock them (or you) up unless they/you start getting rowdy. We would rather you be SAFE and ALIVE.

Also, I’m hesitant to give advice on jobs and stuff, but I have been on the employer side a few times now.
here are a couple things though:

  • DO NOT, FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THINGS, USE CARD STOCK FOR YOUR RÉSUMÉ. I hate it, the person scanning in the RĂ©sumĂ©s hates it. Use a regular sheet of paper.
  • A 4.0 isn’t as impressive as it sounds (to me)
  • If you can get some experience even semi-related to what you’re looking for that will go a long way.
  • Appearance counts. You’re going to have to convince me otherwise if you look like a douchebag to me.
  • Put something interesting on the RĂ©sumĂ© if you can. We look through a lot of them. If you have something interesting, I’m more likely to remember it.

Had a hard time in high school, more so at home than with actual school because of different ideas and influences. Anyway, didn’t party hard at all in high school (until senior year, still crushed my classes) and college (went to a CC then dropped out, then went back). Now I’m going to concerts and events every month while looking for a house before 30 ( <26). Sure, I missed a lot of things, but then again, no one I know has their own house.

Another thing I learned about looking for a job was, I came to a point where I didn’t care about anything, but I wanted to help other people. If that’s something you’re interested in, get into the trades. Work your butt off and some days suck, but you made someone else happy with your hard work.


i meant to more directly mention this. Yes, if you find that you’re more interested in, say, working on cars or trucks, you don’t necessarily need to go to a 4-year university.


Ahh, the good old times.

Back to School night, fundraisers, and afterschool events. I miss the fun times when you did not have to work 8-5 job.


In middle school and high school, you can’t choose your friends. You’re in a little micro-community of same age kids shoved together. You won’t like people and they won’t like you. That’s ok. And it’s ok to think your classmates are stupid, just don’t tell them.

When you enter college, you can finally choose your friends. Congratulations, you can meet like-minded people.
Now quit college and go to a trade school. The number of people that actually get a job related to their degree is laughable. Less than 30% or something? Unless you want to do STEM with unbreakable will and stubbornly won’t change your mind ever, then go to college…in Norway, Sweden, or Finland. Some place that will take you and you won’t have 20 years of debt to pay.

After you get that piece of diploma paper, it won’t matter once you get your first jobs. Then your career history replaces your education.

Also. Always have a fresh pair of underwear/light shorts in your bag. Don’t ask me why. But you will think of me when you need it.

PS. Date people that you can easily cut out of your life if they are crazy.


I started uni this week and so far it’s really fun. Managed to make friends the first day already. The course I’m following is International Tourism Management. It’s pretty much a combination of tourism and business/economics/marketing and such, so even if tourism doesn’t work out, the course is still broad enough to get you to plenty of places which is nice.
Besides that, because it’s a tourism course, the course has about 160 students (for the international part, which pretty much means the English version of the course. Non international is the native language version of the course.), out of those 160, 30 are guys and 130 are girls. So my entire friend group consists out if girls which is really weird, but really fun.

And like mentioned already. Yeah, high school sucks. Most of the subjects you have to follow is stuff you’re not interested in, but hang in there because after high school you can choose to study something you are interested in :slight_smile: