Scan New Card (on Mobile)


I get this little popup for Scan New Card during checkout, but I really don’t want to scan a card. It’s always smack in the middle of the digital keypad, so I have to put in wrong numbers until it goes away. Anyone else have this problem?


I don’t use Mobile so I can’t help ya. Possibly @YQMaoski might be able to shed some light on that. :thinking:


Thanks for the vote of confidence @delenn13, but I have not used mobile to check out here before, so I don’t know anything about that. I am always buying on the regular desktop. Maybe whoever does the page designs can help? Do you know who that might be?


Nope, but I can summon TPTB…

@lonin, @dusty, @frst :fairy:t2: :mage:t2:


Hmm I will take a look!

My first thought is that it might be a feature of your phone OS or browser trying to be helpful when it recognizes a CC field. I’ll see if I can reproduce it but maybe try another device or browser just to see if that affects it.


I didn’t know the OS could do that. If you can’t replicate it, it may just be me.