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Samsung Find My Mobile Notification


Don’t worry, a lot of people got it.

If you hadn’t googled it already:

Yes. It literally got pushed out to the entire world. I’ve seen from A10 to S10+, all carriers, from South Korea to Germany.

As of writing, no official response but user reports say support is saying it was a glitch/accident.


Interesting! I was worried this morning and wondering if there was some kind of hack that happened but it kinda slipped my mind as I was off to the gym and running on 5 hours of sleep xD Thanks for the info!


It was a glitch/accident until everyone starts sifting through their additional taxes/fees in the bills and realize there’s more monthly charges appended because of this service that is no longer something you can opt out of… :face_with_raised_eyebrow::roll_eyes:


Is this glitch exclusive to samsong? cause I use xiaomi and got one two days ago for no reason


Official Response:


This was last night (about 4am UTC). I am not aware of other instances for other phone makes.


Yeah I got this and figured it was a bug or something. It was interesting to wake up to.


This is probably first time i’m happy that i have Iphone … :smiley:


Oh yeah i saw this and i was like wtf loool
Glad to hear this