Sale Ended

Does this occur every day? I think this is the first time I have tried to look at it right at the time for switching deals… It says the deal has ended a few minutes ago…


All the time


that happens when you access the page before the game gets refreshed and keep it open. The timer will keep going. I think someone posted a screenshot where the deal ended 13 hours beforehand (I think my own personal record is 10 hours)


That is a long time! Indeed! I guess that is more of an exception instead of the rule, as the site already changed. :slight_smile:

you should take a look at this, some people had a hilarious long “dead deal” display :smile:

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I just laughed out loud a few times reading through it… Fortunately my drink was just water and my keyboard is spill proof…


I believe it’s just a caching issue, but I ain’t no Chrono Dev :man_shrugging: