Ryzen 3000 - A New Build

So with the situation I’m in, if I basically upgrade anything in my system besides getting an AMD GPU, it’s more worthwhile to rebuild to get all the features.

This is my current build.

What I plan on upgrading to:

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The new build, as a warning, has a ton of things you need to be aware of. The motherboard BIOS will need to be flashed before you can use that CPU. If you don’t update it first (which means getting a CPU that works without a flash) and try to use the newer CPU, it’ll either 1) brick or 2) just not load.

The mounting will require an additional piece to make it work as the B450 is not entirely out of the box compatible with that CPU cooler. Also, if you populate the M.2 slot, two of your SATA slots will be disabled.

If you can find a way to flash that board, it is a good build. If you don’t know someone who has an older CPU you could perhaps borrow, then consider looking for a motherboard that supports Zen 2 out of the box.


I read all the notes. According to Buildzoid, the Tomahawk has BIOS flashback, so you just need a USB with the correct BIOS.

Additionally, Msi is releasing MAX editions which will be out Idk when which will support 3rd gen natively, but I need to wait for the AIB Navi cards anyway.

I already have the bracket I need for AM4. I’ve got a 120mm of the CLC and put in for the bracket as I was thinking about building a Ryzen computer a while ago.

And yup. I’ve got an M.2 currently in my system. I’ll just have to check the manual to see which two will get disabled.