Rust Server

Sup Chronies,

Two of my friends and i started a Rust Server Called

Angry Hobo’s Squad

the server is pretty much a frendly pvp server meaning that we each have our base but we don’t make it a priority to F up the other players, we also team up against ai sometime.

if you play rust or like me had it since the release and never played feel free to pass by and say hi


arent these all pve style?


pve mean no pvp allowed, unable to kill other people…

friendly pvp mean you do you, you want to be a jerk you might build a reputation and get shot on sight but it’s not a deathmatch server

we don’t force anyone to be friendly,


I might check it out sometime (playing MHW and KH right now though)! I quit the game because I checked multiple servers and played them, and couldn’t survive long enough to learn the game because veterans were hunting down all the newbs (me included). It was annoying as hell (though pretty funny really).

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