Russian Roulette: One Life

Anyone else tried this? What are your opinions on the one life mechanic?


The fact there’s achievements but only one life without chance to replay, but with in-app purchases, makes me suspicious of player-baiting and getting those people who want achievements to pay-for-achievements… For me, this is a no-no…


“You can buy DLC to play the game after you die as a ghost. Your kills as a ghost will go to a different leaderboard. This is not a pay2win game. You cannot pay to get a higher score. All people who buy dlc will have to compete amongst themselves on a different leaderboard. Their scores after death will not affect their scores before their first real death.”

From the page. Basically you have a demo and then you pay to play the game. Does look quite bad to me anyway, as a game.

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it has 88% positive rating :hushed: :exploding_head: :confounded:
what’s wrong with this world ! :man_facepalming:


It’s F2P… u see a lot of meh F2P games get a very positive rating on Steam…

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It’s definitely an interesting premise, but if it’s going to pop off is another question. There was this multiplayer game The Flock, which had a limited pool of lives and once those were depleted the game would stop existing as noone could play anymore. I was really, really interested in that one, but a few weeks and it got bundled already because there was no demand for such a game.

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I was interested in the concept of this game as well, but I think the way this was executed was flawed. It relied on a healthy muliplayer base, which is hard at the best of times for smaller games, but what made it worse was the game was unpolished and only had one game mode which wasn’t that great to begin with, so people got bored of it real quick. With bad reviews and really nothing else you could do once you were bored of the mode given I think the writing was on the wall from the beginning.


I thought it was a very interesting idea as a video game art project but as a product it was kind of dumb. Shouldn’t have taken them too much introspection to realise that people would be hesitant to put any money into something they knew from the start would stop functioning at a certain pre-decided point. As opposed to most other games that you stop playing because you’re no longer interested.

The numbers they set up also seemed like they haden’t properly thought it through. They put themselves into a position where for the goal to be reached the game would have to have reached immense popularity and cultivated a very stable and dedicated player base. Which of course then would mean a lot of people being rather upset when this fairly unique multiplayer experience would be suddenly denied them.

I would have like to have seen what had happened at the end though, it’s a bit of a shame the idea ended up wasted.

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