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Rocket League


I’ve recently (does 4 months count as recently?) gotten into Rocket Leauge and it’s communtity. And I was interested if any chronies played Rocket Leauge their opinion on it and everything in between. I would also like to see some of your guys replays.
And if some of us could team up and play 2v2 or 3v3 or if we could just 1v1 each other. Sadly I will only be able to play Tuesday Wednesday and Friday and the time I can play on those days depends.
My favorite pros: Squishy Muffinz, and Jhzer.
Favorite teams: Cloud9, and We Dem Girlz


y i play, have 546h ingame and my level is plat 3, which makes me feel i might maybe one day stop playing like a noob, but i’m starting to hit those aerials better, so at least i feel good about that, so y depending on yr level i might maybe join u though i can only play on EU servers and my ping is 100 rofl (and i don’t do 1v1; i dont enjoy it, i once queued for 10 games just to see my rank and it was gold, but i was only gold in the other playlists then too lol)

I watch pro games now and then but I rly don’t care about teams or the pros themselves; i hardly know them by name, i know Kronovi, Squishy, Chaussette, and then there’s the dude with the very long hair who plays the batmobile and there’s also a streamer named Jessie


I’m gold 3 moving up to plat VERY soon so there probably won’t be a massive skill difference, but who knows I’m just guessing.
Crap I forgot a very important thing, I don’t have a mike or any talking program :expressionless: so that’s a major problem I just brushed over


nah i dont use any audio talk either, just ingame chat options, but then again, i usually just solo-queue anyways, u play on EU servers though?


I play on US-East


hm, no can do dude, cuz then my ping will probably (surely) be 200+


No problem, I’ll play a little on EU and see if it’s bearabel


I really want to play more Rocket League but I’m still pretty beginner-tier despite having this game for over a year. I’d certainly be glad to 1v1 you from time to time! I don’t watch too much RL esports but my favorite player is Kuxir76!


Someone said Rocket League? … i’m in,
i don’t care about rank… as long as we play for fun.


I have almost 600 hours in Rocket League, i usually play 3v3 because i find it more fun when i’m playing solo with randoms. I’m from the EU by the way.


when im solo, i play ranked solo standard or basket.
i only play solo(1v1) to grind my season reward from bronze to plat, from plat to diamond in solo standard then grind diamond and champion with my team


@bellegueule @JimHeine Just tell me the time and we can team up or 1v1 each other but remember I will only be able to play on Tuesday Wednesday and Friday
And @NICK9X9 I’m gonna have to play a couple matches on EU and see if pings good enough for atleast casual play.


i mean since you have the time restriction, hit me/us up when you can play and i/we’ll see if i can join ya, i’m on utc-5


I’ll proably be able to play tomorrow at 2pm ET so is that 10am for you?
Also I’d love if you could join @JimHeine


finally made Diamond for the first time today in doubles :smiley:

getting quite close in standard too


Today may be your big break!!

Also I’m very curious what cars you guys use?
I use the Breakout because the length makes flight feel really nice


Fairy Peak is the guy with the long hair that plays with the batmobile, he was the best 1v1 player in the world for a while


octane and dominus for me… i played with the GXT for a while but went back to my root… i think im better with the dominus… but my octane has more “swag”


y that’s his name rofl

I started with the octane and then this season started playing with the gxt and i’ve been improving with it; i tried going back to the octane about a week ago but it felt weird and the gxt feels better for me now

nah, still a noob rofl (actually went back to plat and then back up and now back down again…), but I’ve done some aerial training in the training thing today and feel like if i do that every day I should start doing better; i rly need to learn the wall stuff though, especially when defending…


Made it back to Diamond 1 :smiley: (division 2 in standard and division 3 in duos); hope i can make it stick now…