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Rocket League Trading


Does any one do it? I do so if you do as well let me know so we can trade.

(What im trading)

I have other stuff to if you want to look at it


I used to do it a lot and made a fair amount of keys from it, don’t do it much anymore so now I just have a bunch of crates sitting there


you want to trade for em?


I’ve never been a huge fan of cosmetics in games especially when they cost, so I just have a pile of crates laying around that I never plan on opening, so I’m down to trade as long as your fine with getting nothing but crates and mayyyyybe a decal


I guess I can, what will you give me?


i have some decals that might be worth looking at


im fine with that


I got Zomba, goal explosions you name it. I can trade via PayPal if you wanna do that


Just tell me when your down to trade :upside_down_face:


i can do it right now if you want


if possible i would like to trade with items


Ah, I’m good then. Thanks for replying