Rocket League going F2P on EGS with crossplay this summer


it will no longer be available on steam (except if you already own it before going F2P)

if you own it from before you get all the items created before going F2P (or something like that, lol, not sure i understand everything correctly)


You get all the items in the DLC section that are rocket league branded (so not external IP items) and all your common items will be upgraded to “legacy” quality (whatever the hell that means).


Probably the same thing they did to things in TF2 when it went f2p. They’ll be considered separate items from the same item dropped or purchased after the f2p update, reason for which I don’t really understand. Higher prestige to use a weird legacy hat as opposed to the same weird hat without that word in it’s title, I suppose.



Please please tell me Kitt is included?!


Kitt the Knight Rider car? I don’t believe it was ever in the game.
EDIT: Nope I am wrong it was, forgot it came out last year. But no you won’t get it as it’s an external IP (personally I would have loved to get the Deloran and the Skyline for the F&F series but they arent part of it either).
All the DLC you will get is listed here


Well alright then.


enjoy people



Oh that’s a shame, I don’t see it on my games list.


You can now get the game from Epic store with a $14 coupon that comes with it. :wink:


You sure it’s $14 and not $10? Hm.