RobocraftX Free on Steam

Win only, sorry.

"Robocraft X is a game maker, where you can build your own physics games from blocks and components without the need to write code. You can also play many games that have been created and shared by others in the community.

This game will become purchasable for 5$ on the 17th, but until then it is free, and if you download it before then, you will own it forever.


From the Early Access info box:

“Robocraft X will always be free to play. There will be optional micro transaction purchases but these will always be fair and not pay to win.”


TL;DR…They will be changing the NAME and Pricing October 17th.


lol good job at making that clear devs /s


The notice is in the updates section, you know, where the updates of a project go, where is more notorious to the users who are already following the game.
You can also make a comment, to point out the description does not longer match their more current plans, so they are aware they overlooked something.

As a side note, I’ve never bothered to read the early access description box:

  • Because is early access and is prone to change.
  • Knowing that I’ll keep a look for the most recent news about it.
  • If I’m interested in the game, I’ll keep an eye on the updates to know what’s going on.

You are correct. I not only WL my games but I FOLLOW my games and devs so when I read my activity feed i get the latest info. I find out about free stuff and changes and updates to games.


I don’t follow any games and I don’t read my feed, I mainly use Steam to download and play games guys lol


Thanks @delenn13 just the kind of thing I like to play around with and a couple of youtubers I sub to have featured this game and recommended it. Time to make a crazy contraption that doesn’t function as intended!