Road to recovery ...Finally recovered from a great lose

Unthinkable happened exactly 61 days ago, but thanks to support my family, my friends and Chrono GG community provided I managed to get over this great lose and now I’m stronger than ever and ready to take all new challenges. Until I again somehow break my current streak, then I’ll go to corner and cry.
Sorry for the shitpost.


The most inspiring story I’ve heard in a very long time.


I was waiting for a ‘bold new frontiers’ and it just never came.

Good thing it was day 62 though, only lost 2 days in rewards even though you are off the leader board, wasn’t @frst or @dusty meant to be working on that.

never apologise for shitposting it’s what this forum is built on

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There’s a leaderboard?

sorta an “unofficial” leaderboard
that’s until @dusty or @frst get the “official” leaderboard going, since we did meet the like requirements to make it happen :wink:


Lol, I knew you would find the evidence


“the north(gNuff) remembers”
!hint hint @dusty!


I totally forgot about that shitpost of mine, apparently my post brought us leaderboard :smiley:

Wait, so is there a leaderboard? I want to see my name in lights!!

I mean, I’m not number 1, but I’ve gotta be in the top ten, right?