RIVE giveaway trick or treat. (finished)

I finally rooted through an old “spare keys” document an err found RIVE.

like it?

drop a comment below.

same normal rules don’t get it just because.

do it because you want it and im being nice :slight_smile:

sadly only one for I am only one man. so sorry to anyone who comments later :confused:

this is to celebrate the SNES classic giveaway, if chrono.gg is being nice on this pagan holiday, I WILL TOO DAMN IT, also



(is such a scary skeleton allowed on here? if not just delete it mods I don’t wanna break no rules <3 )

and if anyone plays “gotham city imposters” or “battle island” whoo boy you can have some free crates for those, cause I sure as hell don’t play 'em.

oh and I also got something labelled as “GEMS OF WAR DEMON HUNTER” so if anyone knows what that means you can 'av 'em.


Real scare, mind yo spoops m8

also thanks for the gibs, gl to those who enter :jack_o_lantern:


First come only served.

Don’t want the game, just want to acknowledge your generosity and say Happy Halloween :ghost:


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I’m so glad that is specifically a meme. <3


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are you taking the key or are you here for da spoops?

interested if it hasn’t already been claimed…not like I’m gonna get any sleep tonight after seeing that skeleton…

woohoo! merry muerte!

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