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Rising Storm 2: Vietnam + 2 DLCs Come and have some


From this months Humble Monthly


1st? comes after 2

2nd? comes before 3


First but I didn’t! Someone hurry and take it!

(It’s not my kind of game.)


Me neither. I was going to add it to my Steam library just to harvest the cards, but I thought there may be a killer among the Chrono hoard who might actually enjoy it :wink:


It’s the sort of game I’d like to try out, but I’m not sure I have the dedication for it.


I think I have enough games to last me for a while…

Then there’s UPlay, Origin, GOG, Itch and yes, Epic too. So many, many games :wink:


1393 installed games. It’s an illness you know


Well I figured it’s been a while and no one has stepped up, I don’t even have 1000 games yet so I’ll just go ahead and take it. But no, someone had already claimed it and didn’t even bother to so much as mention it. Gave them a good 20 minutes to do it too before I decided to post.

Shameful display.

Thank you @EyeQue for your generosity though.


Yeah, it’s a shame some people won’t even say “got it!” or even a quick “ta”. Oh well.


I had a spare key for Zombie Driver HD Complete Edition and it is now @mediiiiiiii who owns it


A few more. I can’t be bothered setting up a game. 1st come 1st served :wink:

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 went to @themadmax

Batman Arkam Knight went to @Fraggles

Laser Disco Defenders
Trotted off to be with @rakada

Smoke and Sacrifice has gone to @GeekInUndies home

Stealth Inc 2
Claimed by @dast

10 Second Ninja X
Given to @Danacscott even though she never asked specifically :wink:

Iron Fisticle belongs to @BlivetWidget now


I’d like to claim Batman Arkham Knight please.


Could I ask for Modern Warfare 3 @EyeQue?


@EyeQue would you kindly allow me to claim Smoke and Sacrifice, please… and thank you for giving back to the community. :+1:

EDIT: Thank you, thank you, thank you :eye: !


Iron Fisticle looks pleasingly pixelated :space_invader: =). I’d enjoy it, but only if you really don’t want it!

Edit: a heartfelt thank you!


10 second ninja made me smile so much I watched the trailer twice, lol. I’d major suck at it.

Refining another giveaway game idea. Wondering if to just jump in or run a beta version with a few filling community members first. It’d be a dice game variant, but I’d want to limit it to one win per person this time around.


You want the key? It’s yours


Aw thanks. I’ll try it then, worse that’ll happen is that I’ll laugh a lot, Cheers. :smile:


i’m interested in laser disco if it’s still there? thanks for being so nice and giving stuff back to the community.


Thanks for giving games away, @EyeQue. :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:


I thought it was time to give you a break :wink:

Apologies for not making a game of it, but as Arya said, “It’s not me”