RIP Artist/Producer Avicii.

“In a statement provided to several media outlets, Avicii’s family revealed that he died of an apparent suicide”

Remembering Artist/Producer Avicii with a song of his that was on FIFA 15.


He’s dead? How? Wasn’t he pretty young?


He was 28 and we were not given much Info of what happened only where it happened.


probably “health issues”, weren’t that part of his tour retirement?


that and “Wake me up” are probably some of the ones i liked best, tho he merely “tweaked” wake me up, but still


Always sucks when someone great passes, hopefully we will focus on finding a cure soon… before we loose any more great people.


@Gnuffi You might about to be raked though the coals with that comment seeing as I wasn’t the first to it.

Every human in history has been taken out by “health issues.” There are cures for health issues, just not the health issues that are fatal. It’s fate. Health issues gonna get us all! :exploding_head:


here is a quote from article which broke the news about his death.

“he retired from live performing in 2016 at the peak of his success, citing health reasons. He had suffered from health problems for several years, including acute pancreatitis, in part due to excessive drinking. He had his gallbladder and appendix removed in 2014.”

So he had been dealing with health issues for awhile now and maybe he was dealing with some more severe medical issues before he died but we don’t know officially and might not know for awhile.




jezz, do a person really have to be meticulously literal in these matters

there is cause of death, (various), and there is health issues -known or unknown/not public, and “health issues”

  • Chester Bennington; suicide (-mental health issue)
  • Michael jackson; “Brutally murdered by incompetent man that had once read webmd” due to “health issue” of not being able to tolerate an “excess” amount of liquefied sandmand dust/"sleepy time"substance
  • David Carradine; whoopsie during solo effort in adventurous "mommy&daddy"wrestling
  • Christina Grimmie; 2nd degree mental health issues (mental issue in the other party)
  • Tupac & Biggie; health issue of not being able to withstand small metallic objects traveling towards them at higher speeds than marching capybaras
  • Ritchie Valens; c.o.d., supposed allergy to air-condition, died from aeronautics treatment via plane
  • Aaliyah; attempting to prove newton’s lesser known hypothesis wrong: that silky vocals can distort the effects of gravity
  • Freddy Mercury; health issues
  • George Michael; health issues
  • David Bowie; health issues
  • Billy Holiday; “health issue”/complications
  • Prince; “health issues”
  • Amy Winehouse; “health issues”
  • Jimi Hendrix “health issues”
  • Whitney Houston; “health issues” while around water

so yea, i said my guess avicii is gone due to “health issues”, because i found it to sound better than “dude probably partied to death”
(since excess partying +/or health issues was supposedly what caused him to “retire” from touring before) and has the option that it was one of the/a health issue “public” or one not previously made statement about. a guess/“statement” covering all the immediate(/potentially related) bases…

but yea it could be one of the other million “health issues” that plague the world,
from poorly prepared seafood, falling ceiling fans at more G’s than skulls are rated for, or anosmia combined with a stove’s urgent plumbing needs… -tho ofc i don’t really consider the vast majority of such things “health issues”, but by all means feel free,
personally i’m merely speculating between the 2 actual/usually referred health issues/“health issues” celebrities pass away from,
-tho i’m ofc willing to concede it would be possible to speculate about more than just those 2 causes as long as c.o.d. is not made public yet,
but that’s just not my thinking atm, i’m just dotting together whatever little information was from the past, (whilst not trying to be a diana conspiracist) and while in my tiny bit of speculation; remaining somewhat polite with/since such recent event…


My bad… I thought some humor might help alleviate the situation… Clearly I misread the situation.

I’ll be over here chuckling to myself (I thought it was funny)… don’t mind me.


no offense taken
if you notice my “obituaries” i also tried to dabble in some humorous conveying, as the notion of jumping for “health reasons” isn’t entirely lost on me, even if it partially also seemed most fitting/sincere to this circumstance
but it’s true/you’re both right,
-breathing is bad for us, clearly we shouldn’t do it, empirical evidence teaches us; all that has drawn breath eventually died :wink: -you’re not going to get out of life alive


Speak for yourself… I am going to live forever.


On a funny note to alleviate all this tension:

On a more serious note:

I never knew much about the guy. I just knew him through his songs and I did like them a lot. This came as shock seeing as he was everywhere a couple of years back, and I guess sometimes you just have the feeling that the people you hear of so often are going to be alive forever… Well, they won’t. It’s moments like this that made me wish we could all tell other people how much we appreciate them more often.

Seems so easy to judge, I think sometimes I personally don’t put as much effort into making sure people are aware of how cool they are.

you chronies are all pretty cool BTW

Anyway, Avicii’s sound was sick af, and I hope more young, talented and creative musicians keep permeating our musical scene to keep it alive, interesting and critical.

OK. Enough pretty words for today byeee.


Don’t mind me, just removed the FIFA tag as it seemed rather arbitrary. Sure he had a song connected to that, but it’s about his death and not about soccer.


No Jim Morrison or Kurt Cobain on your list? :sweat:
(also I kind of hold Jackson at fault in his death as much as Murray…brutal seems a little much?)


This song is from Berlin calling, go see that movie.
RIP Avicii.

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I love that waiting for love video, I cry every time :dog:

I had forgotten he died, oh

Heath Ledger Is also a good one for health issues, he was having various problems and overdid his meds


oh they were initially halfway on there :wink: i just looked at my “wall” and figured maybe it was getting a bit…“large”, and decide to trim a few steps off :smile:

(the whole whole brutal + murder thing is in “quotes” for that slightly “sarcastic” tone):blush:

sir Ulrich von Liechtenstein, that ate a live duck once… rip, too soon… :sob:


OMG I love A Knight’s Tale,

:thinking: Maybe I am a Gnuffi Alt

I was just looking it up, he died in January 2008, that’s 10 years ago, a decade, seems like just a couple, definitely no more than 5. Time goes too quick, slow down will ya


“In a statement provided to several media outlets, Avicii’s family revealed that he died of an apparent suicide.”