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Right Joystick faulty on Controller ( Resolved! )


That sounds like the right analog stick is working properly…


Yup, it is… Figured out the issue last night. A lot thanks to @onLooSe, as never knew you had to calibrate controller before, as this is my first “with joystick” variety. In Joy2Key, for example, I had to change the Right Stick’s axes to “z and rz”, it was “z and rx” before, so only the horizontal would work, and up or down wouldn’t.

Looks like I’ll have to watch out for that depending on what manager or pre-launcher I’m using? Dunno, but last night Steam couldn’t even see it. Well, the struggle continues. :slight_smile:

Appreciate all you guys so much coz I hadn’t the first idea what to do. <3


As I feared probably its drivers don’t come with x360 emulation option, but if they have accessible menu be sure to check for something like this.
You might have luck with Joy2Key, but I can’t help you with it because I barely touched it.

I did a bit of a digging (your controller doesn’t pop up anywhere as far emulators are concerned) and it seems the best way still is x360ce >

You can see how it works and how to set it up when you scroll down a bit. It’s not the most convenient thing, but it seems it’s still the best out there. And this should make it recognized by the games as xbox 360 of course and have the same button layouts and what not.

The issue you are having is always the case for not the top 2 brands controllers - xbox and PS. Even Logitech have issues and they came with software which you had to set up for every particular game back in the day so x360ce was the best thing. Now I think they do have build in emulator in their software though which unfortunately can’t be expected from your controller.

Cheers and good luck with testing, but I bet you will set it up to work in no time :slight_smile:


“Run this program from the same directory as the game executable”

Looks interesting… but wondering if I need multiple installations, like one for GOG, one for Steam, one for emu for DMC, etc. ?


u definitely need to have it in each of the folders of the games u want to play with it (and each time set it up for that game too, i think, but maybe u can just copy-paste as is? don’t know), not sure it needs different installs for that though, but could be


Yeah like @M00 said - you need to copy the files it will make for each game folder (where the game .exe is) and usually the same set up will work for most of the games. So copy pasting the few files should do the trick. Pretty rare to need to make different one for particular game. Well if the games are kinda old it will happen more often though.


@M00, @onLooSe

Okay. Here’s another odd thing though. Now Win10 is claiming that my “controller is not connected properly”. Looked it up and not sure how that suddenly happened, hm.


I suppose you haven’t uninstalled the controller drivers? Because if you did you need to install them again. Try restarting and check if it says the same and if it does… just check if it’s recognized in the x360ce menu or joy2key… if it’s working there you might actually ignore what windows is saying :slight_smile:


Nope! Also, Joy2Key listens to the controller, lol. In X-blades, which is a 3D adventure type game, the right stick works now and spins the camera - just have to press analog first. So no idea why Windows10 is throwing a tantrum, lol.



Since Win 10 and Steam were dissing the controller, (it really irked me), did some online research that led me into Settings and Human Interface, some yakity smackity. There was a page of steps to follow that I didn’t understand but I did all the things. Restarted computer.

Win 10 knows my Marvo GT-006 again; Steam thinks it’s a Playstation Controller and let me pick from Configs before running X-Blades. That game runs fine, the right stick is camera as supposed to be and no need for Joy2Key.

Almost Resolved
Will test with GOG and the emu and see what happens with those, for completion later. Then this topic can be “closed”. (Not sure if I close it myself)

PS: Thanks again for everyone’s help through this whole process.



XPadder recognises the Controller too, but I can’t figure how to load an image. Don’t know how to copy and Paste with no “paste” option in the menu.

If anyone has experience, I’d like to know at least how to get the image in there. Just in case I need it for outside of Steam. Cheers.


Officially calling this resolved. Configuration for PS2 emu worked fine. Apparently the trouble with mapping certain keys (not joystick though) has been Steam’s fault all this time: Desktop Configuration. >.< Once all of those settings were erased, smooth sailing.

So, it’s all good now. Love you guys for helping so much. :slight_smile:

Edit: Couldn’t work x360 program and Xpadder is the confusing.


Afaik, if the game is using Desktop config, then the game, DRM or whatever, does not recognize the controller, or fully support the Steam features or overlay. So, the fault is not on Steam. Also you can just override the Desktop config with your desired config, so thumbs up for Steam config for that you dont have to tryhard any programs, mappings and bs, former Logitech user here, so yuno, bad times ugh!


Understood. i have a very date Logitech Wingman Extreme - Steam can never ever see it. Use Joy to Key instead.

Current controller is a generic (-ish) brand, so the struggles, sigh. Xpadder wouldn’t play nice with me either, so yes, thumbs up for Steam Config. Thanks for the extra input. :slight_smile: