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Resurrecting New Computer Thread (updated PSU)


I’m feeling really not great today, so I’ll leave this info here and you guys can tell me what you think. :slight_smile: And if I’m forgetting anything. O_O

I have a buddum willing to bring down bits with her from the US in luggage.


Focus G is literally $314 USD to ship directly to me; case is $52 USD. Dimensions: 18.3 x 8.1 x 17.5 inches (Wish it could fit in luggage)

CPU Ryzen 5 2600
GPU Powercolor RX 580
SSD 1 - Internal Drive Silicon Power 512 GB 2.5"
SSD 2 - Internal Drive SP 256GB 2.5"
Power Supply EVGA 650 Bq, 80+ Bronze 650W
Motherboard Asus Prime B450M-A
RAM Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 DRAM 3200MHz
Fans * 2 ?? Noctua NF-P12 grey
Internet cable Jadaol Cat 7 Ethernet Cable - 50 ft
Keyboard bundle* Redragon KB/MS/Pad/Headset

Hm, pasted nice. So, I really can only fudge max $250 or so USD more than what the total is here. That’s including buying a monitor and case locally.

Not factored in a Bluetooth device either.

@Pylinaer has been a star with helping out, explaining things and keeping me on track. ^^ Your input also welcome. Cheers. Me go curl up and nap a bit.


My little input would be to think really well about PSU and if 500W will be enough at the end of the day. Some parts actually requires more power than their manufacturers declares ( sometimes they write down power usage on minimal strain while on load they require way more ) .

I had first hand experience with this with my last PC. It had 500W PSU and after a month or so it burned down my GTX970 which was 500euros at the time, i was lucky it was under warranty and PSU wasnt my choice so they had to replace it and i also had to get 700W PSU to feed that beast.

PSU is really one of those part most people tend to cheap out and well it’s literally most important thing in a PC.


At 24/7 usage 90% TDP, it tips in at 448 W needed. I already mentioned would recommend using 650w or more. Not sure if it got switched out. The 500W was initially in there because I had tried adding a GTX 1660 and that would probably work if on a tighter budget. Tbh, that was mostly my bad for not properly checking the RX 580. That being said, I did catch it eventually and mention it.


@DontBeSilly pets sloth :heart: Thanks for that. ^^

@Pylinaer Which one was it again? You know me and things with too many digits in the name. O_o


I love the look of the open cases but I had 2 friends get them about a year ago and it’s NOT glass it’s plastic and they already have 2 or 3 nasty scratches on them. So be careful.


or if you wanted to step up to 750W:


How does one get scratches on the case? Both your friends have scratches? Why are you holding that screwdriver? :stuck_out_tongue:


They aren’t sure what happened but their pets were wearing one of these signs.


The RX 580 uses about 200w under load. So I really don’t know where that 448w for the entire system comes from… Anyhow, 650W is more than enough :slight_smile:


System has to power everything connected to the computer except monitors.

I did an updated one that might be more correct.


Remove about 100w and it’s correct. PSU calculators for some reason always report way too much, not sure why…
Take 200 for the RX 580, R5 2600 really doesn’t use a lot but lets be generous and say 80. Then you’re left with the other components which use… nothing really. You’re looking at like 300w, if you really push the system maybe towards 350 or something.
I’d recommend a decent 550w psu, or maybe 650w, so there is plenty of headroom for upgrading to more power hungry components.


Probably Capacitor aging. want to take that into account as well. We’re looking at 5+ years replacement time on most things except maybe the CPU and Graphics card. And things for @Danacscott are cost prohibitive. Add about 34% AFTER TAX compared to US pricing.

354W. add in capacitor aging of 20% and we are looking at 443W. Trying to get close to the 50-75% efficiency peak nets in the 650W to 750W range without going over budget.


All this Chinese is still Greek to me if you know what I mean guys.

My biggest concern is dust and keeping the poor lil machine clean. :blush:


Keeping PC on top of the table ( not below it ) helps a lot :slight_smile: Mine collected almost no dust in a few months of use while my last PC which was on the floor had to be cleaned every few weeks.


I built a cardboard platform for mine. See how it fares.

I also don’t have pets though. Apartments collect pet tax.


Keeping it anywhere but floor makes sense since most of dust and dirt pieces are still heavier than air so they end up on the floor anyway and in turn gets sucked by intake fans.


@DontBeSilly, @Pylinaer Got it - away from the floor, elevated or on top table (which I can’t do, my table is the foldaway kind, lol

Should have thought before, but what kind of stuff should I keep on hand to clean the fans? I understand if you clean laptop fans wrong, you can screw up the spin, for instance.


Can of pressurized air will be your best friend . While you can try and clean fans with some piece of cloth or tissue you wont get much done because your fingers just wont fit anywhere and i strongly advice against cleaning any CPU,MOBO or GPU parts with any kind of cloth ( it’s best not to touch them at all ) .