[Resolved Issue]

So I just got my first Epic chest reward since the site coin over haul a only got 900 coins?!
Im sure the old system gave thousands for a legendary?
If im going to have to wait even longer for enough coins and the new games arent great I dont think I will bother.
I dont want to be ungrateful but isnt this to encourage us to return each day to see the deal and maybe purchase it?
Sorry if I sound ungrateful Im really not I just thought the old amount worked.

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Epic chest = 14-day reward, it’s always been around 900 coins. Epic isn’t the same as Legendary.


Yes im an idiot I thought it was 30 days i was collecting.
Sorry everyone :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


That’s alright, don’t worry about it.


Glad you got it settled…painlessly!

Edit: And you are not stupid. The only stupid question is…the one you do not ask!