remember that old "I Feel Fantastic" video? I found more footage!

(warning: mildly disturbing)
I put this on Youtube a while back, and thought you guys might find it interesting, so… enjoy! :slight_smile:

Description of what the :face_with_monocle: you just watched:
I discovered the viral “I Feel Fantastic” video a year or so ago, and immediately became interested in how it came to be. After a little searching, I found that the first available reference to it online is here:
Wayback Machine
I highly suggest you look through the whole archive yourself, as.there are some other projects there that are quite… unique. Also be careful about checking the dates, as Mr. Bergeron changed the text and added/deleted pictures in fairly quick succession. Here is the description of Tara at one point, in his own words:

"Android prototype
Named “Tara”, after the mathematical significance of ‘tera’.

  1. A display, for theme parks, trade shows, advertising.
  2. Research, for computer vision processing or AI human interaction, etc.
  3. Home use, for entertainment.
    Tara has an ELECTRIC personality.
    You can be in complete control of this android.
  4. Security. One human operator can remote-control several androids,
    while remaining safely in a more secure location.
    Male and other android appearances possible.
    Provides deterrence and a friendly appearance.
  5. Music videos, or live music performances (especially if modified first)."

There’s a lot more technical specifications after that, but that’s the segment I found most interesting…
From there, starting in 2004, Mr. Bergeron links to:
which contains a link to here: (where the sample is from).
On a whim, I decided to order the DVD, and forgot about the whole thing. A few months later it arrived, to my surprise, and now here we are! I’ve included some images as visual proof below. I’ve also included screenshots of what I believe to be the source of the (false) rumor that the creator is a serial killer. :_:
android-world — ImgBB
android-world-specific-page — ImgBB
back — ImgBB
broken-link — ImgBB
disk — ImgBB
files-contained-in-VIDEO-TS — ImgBB
front — ImgBB
letter — ImgBB
metadata-in-brutal-m — ImgBB
modified-date — ImgBB
oldest-link-to-broken-link — ImgBB
Screen-Shot-2018-10-07-at-10-02-56-PM — ImgBB
Screen-Shot-2018-10-07-at-10-23-54-PM — ImgBB
source-of-rumour — ImgBB
source-of-rumour-2 — ImgBB
For further info, feel free to ask :slight_smile: