Regarding Coin Usage and Their Streaks

It’s obviously not that big of a deal but I still have some questions about the coin system even after going through all of the info on them and I guess you could add a little more info on them if you had enough time. For instance, What is a legendary streak and how do you get it? Also, When you reach a 30 day chest does your streak reset automatically or do you need to skip coin collecting for a day in order to begin the chest cycle again? I know some of the older users know how the system works but as a newcomer the smaller details are a bit unclear.

As for coin usage, will you guys ever consider adding a sort of system where if a user purchases a game they will get a coin chest or a predetermined amount of coins? Just curious, its obviously not a big deal.

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Once you hit the 30 day streak, there is no waiting to continue getting coins. You start at day one and continue the process with bonuses at 3, 7, 14, and 30 days. In about 30 days, I netted about 5,000 coins. Of course if you miss a day you are back to day one again.


Totally fair questions! We have a FAQ in Discord, I just need to port that over to the forum.

To answer your questions, like @Vomitus609 said, once you hit 31 days the chest streak simply resets and you can earn them again, no need to skip a day. Your current streak also continues so you can show off that big number. As for legendary streaks, right now it’s purely just for bragging rights, but who knows what it might do in the future. :slight_smile:

Coins for the daily sale is definitely something we’re considering, but no plans as of yet.