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Red Dead Redempion 2 finally coming to PC!


my first demand has been (partially) heard!


so happy it’s not exclusive to their own store.

There’s also a bunch of bonuses if you preorder on Rockstar’s own launcher, including 2 free games of your chosing among 6 and free upgrade to premium edition and discounts on special and ultimate editions.


It will be on Steam but it will be released in December.





Well if you’ve waited this long, might just as well wait another month, why would you be in any sort of a hurry?

Also once the huge hype died down around the original launch it started sounding like the game really wasn’t all that great in the end. Neither mechanically nor story wise and I’d imagine the multiplayer will be the same sort of cash milking BS they turned GTA into.

In fact excluding the first few week’s hype wave, I have only really ever heard negative stuff said about this game. I for one will be holding off on it for a while longer.

How a game transcends its basic essence and limitations to elevate itself to become a superior work of art

YEEEEEEHAAAAAAAAW; i can wait till december then i guess, or maybe not, lol, i dont know, too excited (I’ll have to look into if i care about the bonuses and the editions and all that; i rly prefer having my games on Steam)

(was too excited to read all the way through the bottom too :rofl:)


I absolutely love it, and I’ve watched a lot of it, lol, though i made sure not to see too much of the story, but everything I’ve seen I absolutely love, same with the first one.

Too bad they’re not releasing the first one with it. Was rly hoping for that and it would’ve made so much sense too.

YEEEHAW FELLERS, dude, im so happy about this OMG


Yep agree with everything you said and to be honest I wont be buying anyways or at least not for awhile do to a few things.


2K has been rating pretty high on the douchebag scale for business behavior lately too, so quite frankly I’m not entirely certain I want to do business with them at all.


I dont care about all that dude. I’m not their mom. They sell a game I rly love. I’m buying that game cuz i rly want to play it. GTA V might be the best single player experience I’ve ever had personally, though there’s a bunch of PS exlusives that would easily top that and which I’ve listed plenty of times before.

I understand how you feel about it, and I completely agree with yr feelings regarding this actually, but whether I buy the game or not will only affect myself and will not make any difference regarding what they do or do not do. That’s a simple fact. So I’d rather enjoy a game than not enjoy it just for nothing.

And I perfectly understand u do certain things out of principle, so do I. There are many, many things I stay away from in this world out of personal conviction, but i do so only when i know it will actually make a tangible difference.

@Fraggles (@u cuz i added additional comments)


Do you think like this in regards to voting as well?


First of all, you can’t compare the 2 cuz voting does make a difference in the sense that yr vote counts towards something.

This is not the case here. 2K will not do anything differently because a few thousand ppl refuse to buy their games, and effectively in this case i would be the one affected by not enjoying something i rly want to enjoy.

Secondly, let’s not discuss the subject of voting cuz I indeed do not vote, but that is again related to my personal convictions.

Thirdly, remember where I live, rofl, firstly i cant vote here, and secondly it would indeed not make a difference, hahaha, which is one of the reasons apparently over a million ppl here voted for a soccer player who isnt even on the ballot. (I know I’m being semi-stupid now in this third point [by actually arguing about it], but it doesn’t make it less of a reality.)



Exciting news! Always wanted to play the original so I hope that means they’ll eventually port that one too… :slight_smile:

Hope it’s fun and released at a reasonable price! I won’t be getting it due to hardware limitations, but I hope everyone else gets to enjoy it! Please post your screenshots and impressions once you take it out for a ride, partners. :+1:




Unfortunately RDR is hardware-locked. Its codebase is basically a spaghetti mess of Xbox 360 and PS3 specific hacks.

I don’t think a PC port will happen for another good ten years, if they perhaps decide to remake it.




Are the PC hardware requirements available already?


I don’t know this site and i don’t know what their source is:




(I do wonder why GTA V isn’t in my Rockstar library although I own in on Steam and my account is linked?)