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Red Dead Redempion 2 finally coming to PC!






You are really excited about this…


I sure am dude, been waiting 9 years to play the first one… and now i finally get to play the second, lol, soon

you can expect a bunch more yeehaws this month :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Just curious but if you are/were so eager to play these games wasnt getting a console an option?

For example i was super eager to play Bloodborne so i got PS4 just for that :smiley: And i wasnt dissapointed. It’s a masterpiece.

  1. In local currency, it would be as if you paid 5000 to 7500 dollars for that console and 1000 dollars per game, which would be insane, unless yr very, very rich, which I’m very, very not. (I do realize I have already bought a bunch games at full price, but all but one [this one, lol] were with steam market trading profit only)
  2. I don’t want a console.
  3. I don’t even have a TV, nor do I want one in the house.
  4. The fact that there’s a bunch of exclusives I’d love to play doesn’t even come close to outweighing the above.


Erm… what. Ok. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


in local currency, not in actual dollars ofc, not sure u get what i mean

in actual dollars it goes from like 300 to 460

look at it this way, how many months of rent can u pay with the price of a game in the US? (or I see yr EU, well same thing) Here some ppl can rent 2 months for that.

Minimum wage for a government employee is $90 (yes, that is per month :scream:), non-government employees dont even have a minimum wage.

When I was teaching in schools here, monthly wages for a cleaning lady (who start earlier and work later) was $40, and at the current currency rate that’s down to $18 now. I can only hope for them their salaries did go up with time, but no idea.


I get what you mean. It’s same for me just not on that extreme level. We overpay in Europe for most stuff anyway compared to USA for example and besides that level of income vary a lot inside Europe as well.

I have to pay for PC parts same or in some cases even more than person from Germany ( smaller market = bigger prices ) but my income is at best third of what statistical German gets paid. So yeah i get you … in a general sense.


yee haw


preload’s active now! @whoever got this, lol




I was really impressed on what they did on basically a potato PC ( Playstation 4) in Read Dead Redemption 2 and now they have all this freedom and power of modern gaming PC and it cant even launch for most people :smiley:


I think they fixed it with a patch like a few hours after launch though (not sure, too busy working all the time to rly look into it; i dont even know what the issues actually are or were yet but i know Lirik had lousy FPS in online and that immediately got fixed [for him] by installing the patch)

also, this is on PS4 after launch (never even watched these, but i just know they’re out there):

ofc, I’m not trying to justify any of this, neither on pc nor on consoles, but the sad truth is games come out like shit on both these days, and then some get fixed and some dont… :unamused:


Ended up playing 90 min or so last night. Wanted to play a lot more but my 2-year-old didn’t really feel like i should. The game did crash the second I tried to launch Story mode the first time. I went “oh, no” and looked at their support page which they have on the games launcher next to the play button. It said the very first thing you should try to do is hit the “retry” prompt, lol. So I don’t know if that actually has a fix incorporated in it (as in it changes a setting in-game or so) but the game then did work without any further issues. I first played for about an hour, closed the game and ate, and then again launched it and never had any issues again. Game is gorgeous and runs real smooth, no fps drops at all. If any issues do come up later, I’ll say so.


I remember playing through the first section ( winter on the mountains ) , it was pretty late so i just wrapped after that and went to bed . Next morning i’ve launched the game to continue i had to start all over because game didint save for almost an hour :smiley:

But anyway i’m happy for you and that it’s finally here on PC. It’s a really nice experience all together.


no time for this gem at all today :disappointed: just work :tired_face: maybe tomorrow, and there’s always the weekend if not :grin:


Oh one thing i also remembered. If you care about achievements you should look them up from the start because some of them are pretty ridiculous and requires a lot of work and you should really start early.