Recommendations of Youtube Channels to watch

Even though i find at least one or two new interesting channels on Youtube every month i’m almost always out of stuff to watch on youtube , even more now when i ended up with some unexpected free time heh.

I’ll toss few interesting channels i’ve been following for years now and maybe you can toss something back my way and we all can have more cool stuff to watch after ? :slight_smile:

I’ll pick few channels from each subject which mainly interests me so it would be easier for you guys to pick what would suit your tastes.

Medieval stuff and weaponry

Shadiversity Generally medieval stuff and some weapon reviews
Skallagrim Mostly weapon reviews


Forgotten Weapons Mostly about various older and newer firearms


Scushow space
It’s okay to be Smart
Minute Physics

Video games

Mandalore Really interesting reviews on older and less known games , he really digs up and reviews games i mostly have never heard before

Raycevick Super in-depth analysis of various gaming franchizes

GVMERS Interesting gaming retrospectives

Various/fun stuff

LGR All about old and forgotten PC technology, really interesting to watch

Ryan Hollinger Movie reviews and opinions

Good Mythical Morning Hard to describe, lots of laughs

Now this is like 1/100 of channels i’m subscribed and watch daily but listing them all would take a year.

Anything you liked? Anything you could suggest me from similar topics? Let’s share.


Oh boy, I too have a ton of channels I subscribe to. A few of these are the ones I think are underrated while others aren’t talked about as much. I’ve decided to hold off talking about popular picks like Jontron and Scott the Woz, as they are not only related to gaming, but also have fanbases that will flock and occasionally joke something relating towards the videos. Apologies if I couldn’t give good descriptions, I’m tired and will go to sleep soon. Here’s a few suggestions:
Rebeltaxi: an awkward and perverted (although that part has been noticeably downplayed for a while maybe) cartoon reviewer. His usual videos are entertaining and informative but his podcast is more hysterical and where his personality really shines.
Nakeyjakey: gaming essayist that is less concerned on being deep and more relatable, shall we say, towards the subject with a more laid back tone and less rigid. His editing, whilst simplistic, is also surprisingly funny.
Schaffrillas: former YTPer that makes essays regarding pop culture, usually movies though his interests also include musicals. Like Nakeyjakey, he is more laid back than the competition and is more funnier as a result, though his editing is a little more involved this time.
Accented Cinema: yep, this is the more serious one. He does videos talking about movies which are rather informative and interesting.
Blameitonjorge: top 10 videos with more effort than Watchmojo. He used to do scary stuff although he has mostly moved on to general pop culture, mostly animation. There are also longer formed videos regarding specific topics, which may be more what many people prefer to see in this kind of thing. This is one of those channels that is a bit of a caution if you don’t like those kinds of videos.
Emplemon: best known on videos regarding YT, whether it be a look back or a critique regarding a situation. Another former YTPer, although he is shown disdain towards it given his runnings over the years.
Exoparadigmgamer: long but interesting essays comparing versions of games on different platforms.
GrahamGraydog: mostly shitposty videos with some rants sprinkled in there. He did some collabs with Jorge, which is where I first heard of him.
Internet Historian: the name speaks it all. He’s one of the few who makes sponsorships just as funny as the videos he makes.
Iteachvader: a throwback to classic YTPs of Adventures of Sonic (the bad 90s Sonic cartoon). He’s moved on to YTPMVs (using existing content for original compositions and remixes). He is going to private the YTPs, maybe even delete them unless the COPPA situation settles or is safe enough to come back out of hiding (which I honestly hope he changes his mind on, because they are some of the funniest YTPs I’ve seen)
Ponysmasher: although the catalog is brief, these videos by David Sandberg, director of Lights Out, Anabelle Creation and Shazam, give insight not normally seen in the production of high budget mainstream movies.
Triple Q: hysterical yet catchy remixes, many of which go to some Japanese songs.
Waltman13 and NationofOranges: I put them on here because of their YTPs, which they are great and hilarious. Maybe it’s unfair, but that’s because they both are so great.
These are the ones I’m comfortable recommending, as the others I feel are not compelling enough for me to recommend, sadly, or if they are going to attract some kind of audience I’m not willing to attract, let’s just put.


The name of topic was a bit confusing for me.
“Youtube channel recommendations.”
I thought that it will be about creating a channel and some nice tips about content, software and so.
Nevermind. :slight_smile:


Yes, interesting one. it’s like a history of X-genre in some ways. Watched the two on Japanese horror, and not totally in agreement with the narrator, it was at least eye-opening.

Intriguing. That one and the forgotten weapons bit. Will at least peek. ^^


Erm might be that might english skills are lacking. Any suggestions on how to rename it to better fit what’s inside?



“Recommendations of Youtube Channels to watch”?

My subscriptions are the following:

  • [Music Channels]

  • Hardware Unboxed - computer hardware

  • LastWeekTonight - part comedy, part actual issues

  • ChrisFix - cars

  • Paul’s Hardware - computer hardware

  • JayzTwoCents - computer hardware

  • Escapist (For Zero Punctuation) - Video Game reviews

  • AirforceProud95 - MS Flight Sim X videos and occasional other plane videos

  • Trucker Dashcam // Sweden - self explanatory

  • Extra Credits - Game development topics

  • [Bunch of other crap that idk if they post videos]

Others I don’t necessarily have subscribed but watch on occasion:

  • Linus Tech Tips and subsidiaries - computer tech

  • Scotty Kilmer - cars

  • Gamers Nexus - computer tech

  • Engineering Explained - cars

  • Jim Sterling - video games

  • Jim Browning - Scam awareness and dismantling

  • Bitwit - computer hardware


:laughing: Comedy & art

Sr. Pelo


u n a m i

Just comedy

Comedy Central Originals


Gus Johnson

:musical_note: Music

Netherlands Bach Society

NPR Music


Mahogany Sessions

:question: Informational


:video_game: Gaming


Valve News Network

8-bit music theory

:clapper: On movies

Lindsay Ellis

Now You See It

The Nerdwriter

The Royal Ocean Film Society


Lessons from the Screenplay

Every frame a Painting


Used your suggested name,thanks.


I recommend



Alright i got a bunch of channels here that I’ve been following for a long time.

Bitwit -
If your into PC related things this is the channel for you. He does a lot of giveaways and PC builds he has some great guides. I used his hour long guide to assist me in building my PC.

NeebsGaming -
This is a group of guys who loves video games, they make a lot of great comedic videos. You probably know them from such classics as BattleField Friends. I suggest you also watch Doraleuos and Associates if you haven’t already its fantastic. (If you have watch it again its worth it, or don’t i can’t control what you do)

Emergency Awesome -
If you live anything related to comics, new shows, movies, this is a perfect channel for all you lore fanatics out there. he does videos on everything from Star Wars, to MCU, DCU and a lot more.

MarcoStyle -
This channel is for my fellow guardians out there. What you may take seriously in Destiny, this guy will take and turn it into a giant comedic joke, its hilarious. Definitly worth a watch.

Star Wars Theory -
This person is all about Star Wars if you couldn’t tell, he does a lot of deep lore in the star wars universe, he’s even working on his own fan made star wars show called Vader. Well the first episode is Vader Episode 1- Shards of the Past. Its really good.

Viva la Dirt League -
Great channel for some random comedy skits, they have many different series to watch. I nhighly recommend there series called ‘Bored’ they work at playtech and do a bunch of skits related to the commercial business. They’ll provide a lot of laughs.

24 Frames Of Nick -
i always say 2019 is the year for Nostalgia, well this is a channel i discovered this year and man does this guy induce a lot of Nostalgia. He makes a lot of great reviews on old movies, and I believe even some video games, there great, funny, and nostalgic so you can’t go wrong here.

How It Should Have Ended -
This channel creates cartoons about movies and gives them alternate endings. You can get a lot of great laughs from these, and even question why the characters from the movies didn’t just think to do what they come up with on this channel.

Although there are many more I’d like to share, its getting late and I’d like to get to bed also the other channels are mostly focused on news related to things i really enjoy.

Myelin Games -
Another great channel for you Destiny nerds out there, this guy makes some amazing lore videos for Destiny. If you love the Destiny universe you should binge watch his videos, or just watch the videos on Cayde-6 lore, those are amazing and if you love Cayde as much as I do you’ll love him even more after watching his lore videos, there very good.


Sam O’Nella Academy

This is my go-to channel to watch whenever I’m eating food, usually a savory lunch or dinner.

He makes short videos about the most random topics, and with his humor, learning is entertaining af!

I recommend the Tarrare video maybe, but tbh, anything is good


Gilly makes some good videos about games and is also musically inclined if you’re interested, his band is called The Vigils

Speaking of music…

His cover of Devil Trigger is 100 times better than the original, you won’t convince me otherwise.

And lately I’ve been binging H Bomberguy and discovered The Internet Historian.

There’s my channel too, but it’s mostly old streams and really short clips of stuff that happens in games. If you need to waste 30 seconds to a few minutes, I’m your guy.


Another interesting channel about medieval armor , he doesnt upload much but when he does it’s always worth watching.

Knyght Errant


My channel inbox is incomprehensibly long, so I tried to cherry pick the most generally enjoyable videos on my list. This is only scratching the surface.

N.S. (formerly nerdSlayer)
Critique and analysis channel for online games and MMOs. If you’ve seen a video of his trending, it was probably his Death of a Game series, where he digs up all the information he can on a failing/dead/stagnant game and tries to break down what happened behind the scenes.

Corridor and Corridor Crew
VFX artists that meme it up on YouTube with high-effort shitposts and shorts. The Crew channel is where they go in depth on all of their work while also making little artists/stuntsmen-react episodes where they break down stunts and VFX in a how-it’s-done sort of way.

LGR (Lazy Game Reviews)
A particularly chill (though lacking on the advertised lazy side) Youtube veteran covering both obscure hardware and software, restoring vintage tech, and showcasing old-school games he feels like talking about. It was once a place for Sims content, but Ralph couldn’t take it anymore.

quill18 and quill18creates
A general fan of strategy games on his main channel, and a Unity gamedev/gamejammer on his other. Highly recommended.

Every few months, he resurfaces from his mysterious cave to drop an incredible documentary-length feature on literally anything he feels like talking about, only to disappear into the shadows from whence he came. Every video is worth a look.

Fredrik Knudsen
Not a regular uploader, but another documentary style content creator. His Down the Rabbit Hole series dismantles and explores a story worth telling. It’s like a more thoughtful and brooding version of Internet Historian. The series is often fairly dark as he does his best to present the stories of his topics in a respectful and accurate manner, pulling together a sequence and tale from the details they can find. On that note…

Internet Historian
He’s like if the last two were centered purely around shitposting and documenting the collective gleefully batshit insanity of the internet. I’ve learned two things from IH: 1) the internet is a weird place, and 2) nothing is impossible if the internet is bored enough.

Civvie 11
The king of “boomer shooters.” He makes high-quality videos about old games.

I will probably edit this post a few times to add on, as these are my general recommendations and there are countless more across gaming, art, game development, music, and all sorts of topics. Still, I feel like that’s a good start.


Stumbled on this channel by complete accident and while there are not that many videos and upload schedule seems to be very sparse i really liked what i’ve found here. Long,interesting videos about known and unknown video game franchises and beyond.

Indigo Gaming


Weapon things.


Game reviews

Gaming news.

Fun or interesting gaming.


I have more but this is scrolling down my subscription videos. But that also means these channels are updating recently. Have fun.


If you are interested in most recent and main stream gaming news. He doesnt do any gameplay or game reviews but is sort of news caster for a gaming world.


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