Recaptcha Inquiry

I know we have several threads on this, but my question is actually in regards to the audio option of Google’s Recaptcha. I tried looking this up on… Well… Google, but I ended up with either a furious rioting mob, or Google thoughtfully pushing the blame on to the websites themselves..

So my question is, why am I able to use the audio option on some periods, and locked out in others?

Your computer or network may be sending automated queries. To protect our users, we can’t process your request right now. For more details visit our help page.

I’m trying to figure out how long I can use it for before the error message comes up again. I suspect my ISP has been giving me a lousy IP address on some months, and a good IP in others, but I don’t even know if this is remotely related to the problem, nor can I remember if this has been an alternating month between “good” and “bad.”

I’m asking this because the audio option is the best way for me to login since it doesn’t involve providing a sacrifice to please the Recaptcha Gods, saving me time from being stuck in puzzle purgatory, where all of my reasonable answers will forever disappoint like a strict parent’s perfection expectations, at most recognizing minimal adequacy through tough love upon meeting unreasonable milestone goals, secretly taking it out on children because their parents were harsh and unfair.

…Ahem. Anyway I was wondering if anybody has any insight on how Recaptchas work, and what I can do to restore access to the audio option outside of “waiting until the next period that it works again” or “setting fire to my ISP for messing with me.”

Thank you for your time in reading this.


This can unfortunately happen to good users for a few reasons:

You may be on a shared network that is being used abusively
Your internet service provider may have recently assigned you a suspicious IP address
The site you are trying to access may be currently under heavy attack


The problem behind that generic help page is… What do I do with this? Burn down the offices of my ISP?

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Ask for a static IP?


I wish.

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:fire: YES :fire: