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Rebel Galaxy FREE on Epic Store


(Last day of June coming next week btw)


I really appreciate the timing of this one.


Amazing game with an amazing soundtrack. You really feel like a space cowboy.


this is the game that bring space on a 2d plane right?


About what time is Epic planning to cease free games though? Not complaining per se, just I thought they were going to cease after the June 13th sale.


when the heretics convert


no, they were going to give a free game every 2 weeks till the end of the year, then just before the sales they started giving a game every week, and that was supposed to stop (and go back to 1 game every 2 weeks), but they decided to continue doing it


Shrug, there is a proverb - “do not look a gift horse in the mouth”. It comes from an era when people might give horses as gifts, but then to check the quality of the gift the receiver would open the horses mouth to check it’s teeth (good teeth = good horse). It was considered very rude to inspect the gift in full view of the giver, so the proverb conveys the meaning of: “be thankful for gifts”.

If you do not want to play one of the free Epic games, that is okay. So far I have received 13 free games from them, but I owned most of them on Steam anyway, except Oxenfree (I own on phone), Subnautica (did not own, played a bunch on Epic), and Enter the Gungeon (did not own, have not installed yet since I bruised my chest/arm). I like free, everyone can afford free :poop:


So very funny. :slight_smile: Not complaining, but I am wondering how they are managing to give away this quality of games and moreover, to keep it up. According to the proverb, I’m being rude, hee hee.


simply cuz of the tons of money they’ve made from Fortnite and keep making; they made $2.4 billion in 2018 alone, just from Fortnite; and now they’re making extra money with their store


@Fraggles I’m not sure their store is making them money yet. Just the way modern businesses typically are setup, online storefronts have cutthroat pricing with slim or negative margins (profits) to lure customers into their website. The eventual goal is to be profitable and compete with Steam, GOG, Origin (EA), etc., but right now I would be willing to bet you €5000 that their store, in fact everything that isn’t Fortnite-related, still isn’t making them any free cash flow much less profit. They are having to pay developers inordinate amounts of cash up front just to convince them to use Epic Store, plus they are paying the devs for each free copy of their games they give away (like Rebel Galaxy, the devs still get paid something), and all the new hires to expand the store, not to mention overhead costs (electricity, servers, web maintenance, etc.).

Just to put things into perspective: for most major technology companies coming out of Silicon Valley (famous for starting new businesses), about 90% go bankrupt and the 10% that don’t take an average of 8-10 years before they become profitable. Since Epic Store can’t go bankrupt – they’re funded by Fortnite money for the foreseeable future — they can afford to operate at a loss for a while because the whole point of the Epic Storefront is to diversify their income. Epic doesn’t want to rely 100% on Fortnite forever, just like Valve didn’t want to rely on Portal, Left4Dead, TF, and Half-Life forever. Historically, the most likely chance for 20+ years of survival for any game studio is to become a publisher/platform because there is no guarantee the next game Epic makes is going to be as successful as Fortnite, so why risk only being a game developer?


I wouldn’t and havn’t made any claims to the contrary. In fact I’m sure you’re correct and their bribery budget is getting them great tax writeoffs for operating at a ‘loss’.


Everyone always says the bad parts of Epic Games and never says anything good, but dang they have a nice family share of sorts that I didn’t know about because no one posts about it lol. Ended up getting Satisfactory on my account and was able to log in on our other PCs with my account and install it, then relog in with their accounts and Satisfactory stays in their library and we are able to play together. That’s pretty awesome and something no one talks about :frowning:


i hear it’s kind of meh when you compare it to XBox’s family share system though



lol yeah I still say game pass has the best one as you never have to relog in with the main account on the app as long as you stay logged in on the windows store. So the shared accounts can install whatever games they want which is nice.

Edit: Oh and the fact you can get game pass for basically free as well if you do Microsoft rewards, and your family can pool points which is amazing. We are set until January by pooling points, if they don’t increase the price by then.