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Reaper Bundle on Fanatical worth it?


I’m considering buy this Bundle but am unsure about it.
Some of the games look pretty awesome but I’m stil doubting. Already own one of the games too. (Tho I can give it away here incl those I don’t like)

Anyone care to change my mind? :slight_smile:


There’s already a discussion about this:


You should get it because…Video Games! Haha but seriously it seems like a good deal for how much you get! Good luck deciding.


This was like 5 days ago O_o

It only popped in my store today…

Okay thx :smile:


What’s your Steam user id? Would be useful to see your current library.


Thought this was on my profile here. must have not saved it when I enterd my info :sweat_smile:


A quick scan through your games seems to indicate that you’d enjoy quite a few in the bundle…possibly not Jalopy, and you already own Payday 2 (as everyone does…) but you seem to have spent time in quite a few games similar to those on offer.

If you want to play 1 or 2 of them soon or even immediately, go for it, otherwise I’d suggest just hanging on and trying some of the games that you’ve only idled.


I would suggest getting it, there are some good games in it (hover and immortal redneck to name a few) if i did not already own half the games i would buy it.

Edit: also its super cheap and you are basically losing money not buying it, the only downside is it does not have F1 Race stars