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Realistic gameplay icon?


so… i’m pretty sure that i’m being nitpicky but… shouldn’t the realistic gameplay icon represent a Realistic action,
currently the icon is two gear that couldn’t work together… making it unrealistic in a gear system…

idk if i made sense… just wanted to share my two cents



It’s not only a very strange choice but a non-efficient gear system. UNACCEPTABLE.

Jokes aside, it can be extremely tricky to ilustrate things, to find out, just try to come with ideas for etheral concepts such as realism, goodness and what not.

For realism I think I would go for a rather simple landscape, kind of a valley with people doing simple chores such as gathering fruit or maybe for such simple representation in a tiny icon a simple stick-man with a hat and a suitcase, like he’s going to work.

Maybe the formula of some physical law?


I feel like that’s a valid criticism. Maybe an icon that’s like a 3d face with a bit more detail but in the same kind of theme? What do you suggest @bellegueule ?


Quick mockup, breaks a little from the design theme unfortunately, but could probably be made to work.


Please heap blame on @frst


@Eidos has a good idea with a physics formula (that @Fraggles showed an exemple) ,

i was also thinking about a way to display realist with a realistic model with half of it being wireframe… but the more i think about it the more i think it would only reflect visual and not gameplay.

i also though of maybe a Rubik cube but it could imply puzzle mechanic more than the physics behind…

an idea i have and i would require your input on it, what would you think of a representation of einstein theory of gravity? i think it could represent well in a little icon… but i’m not sure if it’s too subtle.


Oh my, this is the one. :+1:


How about a ruler measuring an eye?


I feel like a weird art enthusiast, but the first that came to my mind was an Édouard Manet painting. More specifally, Luncheon on the Grass.

He was a realism painter, along with Coubert, Millet and many others.


You’re not alone darling.

First things I though were

and then one painting of a prostitute under a bridge. I think it was from Caravaggio but to be honest Im not sure and I’m not finding it. I’ll try later.


I have also broken from tradition slightly and filled in some colours (looked weird otherwise) but here is what i think the icon should be


I think you’ve confused it for relativistic gameplay.


Na, na, he’s just representing the cruel reality of marriage with your cousin, full of disrespect and disdain.

Also, you’re overstimating how many people know such things. Starting with why he got the Nobel and ending how much the average weight of a tuna and so on. Like Todd Howard wisely said: “It just works”.


Pretty sure he wasn’t talking about Fallout 76 that day… (at least i hope so)


Apart from the last Doom and Dishonored, I doubt that can be applied to anything Bethesda had their hands on to be honest.


well, i guess Prey too


Underrated comment of the day via any avenue of interwebbage right there Fraggles. I doff my cap to you sir.