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Reader Badge Help


Hello I am pretty new here and have started collecting badges. My problem is with this reader badge. I have been reading ALOT to get to know everyone. I have read whole posts with over 100 replies in fact I have read sooo much on here in the last couple of days my eyes are feeling it. Yet I have not received the Reader Badge. I see lots of you have it, so if there is a suggestion you could give me I would appreciate it. I don’t know what I could possibly be doing wrong … I mean I just have to read … right.


Find a forum thread with 100+ posts, preferably not much more… Start reading from the top and read everything all of the way down. When you hit the bottom, you will get the badge.

I think you need to stop and let the computer recognize that you have read the posts… If you do quick fly-throughs, they don’t count.


There has been no quick fly byes here but I have moved back and forth from phone to pc. Phone gets stuck sometimes and have to reload. Maybe I will try on pc again. But when I sit at the pc it wants me to play games lol


Omg I’ve been on this site for over a year and you guys are telling me i’m suppose to read things.:grin:


I don’t think it has to be all at once… the computer remembers where you stopped, so if you click on a thread you have looked at before, it just loads up where you last looked.

But if you skipped posts up to that point, the computer won’t necessarily recognize it.

Also if you at the bottom of the thread, make sure you finish reading and scroll of the way to the bottom…

I am also unsure whether the badge is awarded on the spot or maybe a few hours or a day later… so who knows, you may have to do nothing and end up getting the badge in the next day or so. I honestly can’t tell you how the system tallies these things…

For badge hunters, it’s crucial to do it at least once. :wink::smile:


Ok I think I am going to go with the do nothing and wait approach and see what happens. It did seem as if a lot of members were awarded the badge on the same days, so maybe it is not an instant reward after completing. Thanks for the help!!!


Why don’t you try the audiobook? Seems legit to me…


I would so be listening to it right now if it were an option!!!




I shouldn’t laugh so hard at this… but I did, sorry :stuck_out_tongue:


this is how i got my badge (can’t speak for “phone” since i used my pc)

  1. find a ridiculous big thread:
  2. note the “estimated read time of X minutes” (should be near bottom of the OP)
  3. scroll to the bottom of entire thread, (manually, not using the quick thingy to the side), -and scroll back to the top again
  4. scroll to the "middle"ish, and let the page sit and wait for around 10minutes/maybe little more?, until it registers your “read”
  5. scroll to the bottom (can use the quick scroll this time), and notice the "topic tracking"icon thingy change to “you will be notified/see count of new replies because you read this topic”

the reason i figured i “had” to let it sit and wait a little on the page was maybe the system was a bit sneaky on me, and i couldn’t just scroll too fast past responses. :thinking:
my thought was it had a topics overall read time then sorta’ish divided up among replies, “must spend X minutes to then gather 100”, or something :man_shrugging:,
couldn’t say, but i did get my reader badge that way in around 10-15minutes just letting it wait on “middle” of the page, -since i didn’t get it at first by actually browsing to the bottom in just a few minutes… :triumph:


Don’t worry, I couldn’t stop laughing 4 words into OP’s post after coming up with that joke and then I laughed even more because I realized I was laughing at myself. :joy: :joy: :joy:

Don’t overwork yourselves while on your period, kids. :+1:


The cat made me laugh then the longer I looked at it, it kinda got creepy


Thanks @Gnuffi that was really helpful and I never noticed the estimated read time. I am guessing it must be a high estimate.


Wow, that’s pretty intense… I went and looked at old thread that had like 102-103 replies, and you know the scroll bar on the right side of the page? I made sure I was on 1/103 for a few seconds, then scroll down to 2/103 for a few seconds, then 3/103 for a few seconds… I think I was working, so I was just scrolling down all day on one thread… lol… all the way to the bottom, intermittently when I had time.


not really as intense at it sounds
since i didn’t get it at first by “legit” browsing an X00 thread, i did that other stuff, and didn’t take long, since during the “wait”, i was ofc doing stuff on another page
i’m not saying “sit there, keep and eye out, and wait the full 10minutes” :smile: since that would be mighty silly, so in actuallity it only takes X seconds to scroll up and down, “leave” and come back and scroll to the bottom again
i’m also not saying the system actually “divides” the total read time up like that, but i was definitely “too fast” regular browsing/reading for it to register on my first attempt, and that other time it came up fairly quick when i just let it sit on the page to “read”


I don’t know what you people are trying with gaming the system some how. I just read everything posted to the forum. Not to hunt badges but because I enjoy what is being posted.


The reason I am here and trying to be an active member is the interest in the posts that have been posted. First I thought the system may have broken as I have read through several sizable posts and didn’t receive that badge. I looked though and many have received it, so I posted to see if I missed something somehow. I really wasn’t trying to cheat the system, in fact I have enjoyed reading through the posts


you insinuating that I, might have gone around and haphazardly spam likes on every post in sight, regardless of like worthy content, merely to obtain some digital emblem :question::face_with_raised_eyebrow:
“i say, i say how dare You bring mine honour into question like so Sir” :triumph:
:joy: :rofl:


Don’t worry about it, we totes understand! Welcome to the community and I’m glad you’re liking our derailed posts so far.

Also, remember some of the badges take long to ‘pop’ for some reason, so maybe try again after a few hours and go enjoy some games! :blush: