Razer Has a Game Store Now!

They offer Steam or Uplay keys and you earn “zSilver – Razer’s virtual currency – for every item, Razer Game Store vouchers, and discounts on gaming gear from Razer’s regular online site.”

They also have a weekly Razer Exclusive.
"This week, purchase any of the four Razer Exclusives to get:

$15 Razer Game Store discount voucher
x2 zSilver earned per purchase
$10 Razerstore hardware voucher"

It’s in BETA but might be worth checking out.



looked at the store, because i figured the "razer exclusive"s sounded a bit too good to be real
then i read this at the bottom

*Terms & Conditions:

  • Additional zSilver will be reflected upon checkout and automatically credited after purchase.
  • Vouchers will be emailed within 48 hours to your registered Razer ID account used on Razer Game Store.
  • Each voucher is for one-time use only for the specified store (Razer Game Store or Razerstore).
  • No refunds or cashback will be made for any transactions below the voucher value.
  • Razer Game Store discount vouchers have a 30-day expiry term and must be utilised within this period as at issuance date. Any request to reinstate expired vouchers will not be entertained.
  • Razer Game Store vouchers require a 30€ minimum spend before the discount code can be applied.
  • Razerstore hardware vouchers have a 30-day expiry term and must be utilised within this period as at issuance date. Any request to reinstate expired vouchers will not be entertained.
  • Razerstore hardware vouchers can be used for all categories and do not require any minimum spend.
  • Razerstore vouchers cannot be combined with free shipping.
  • Razerstore vouchers cannot be combined with any other offers.

:confused: dang… too good to hold up (without “strings”) indeed… no sale for me today…


That’s why I said…

Gawd I hate legalese. It makes my head explode…:exploding_head:

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Good thing that at least one of us reads the fine print…

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yea, maybe i was just being too optimistic about the “bonuses”, no such thing as a free lunch and all that. :thinking:
tho i must say a couple of the (maybe otherwise “reasonable”) T&Cs turned me off a fair bit - 30day expiration doesn’t just seem too short to me, it’s a straight turn off, especially when it already has all the other strings attached, likely making any such bonus completely useless to (someone like) me :man_shrugging:

but more stores/different discounts is always good for “cheap shopping”/competition, so i’m hoping razer does some sales that makes my ITAD settings sparkle once in a while :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:


I think I will stick with Chrono/Humble/Fanatical/Steam… that’s enough for me to try to keep track of, not to mention Groupees/IndieGala (I consider these lower tier)… And now I downloaded GOG Galaxy, maybe I will keep that in check a bit more often too… I only have 2 games on UPlay, so can’t really consider that anything significant… Too many accounts!

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yeah and snapchat is trying to turn into a youtube amazon sort of thing by buying a show called “gifted boys” or something like that, it has Arin Hanson in it. Snapchat Orders Animated Series ‘Highly Gifted’ From The Lehrer Boys – Deadline just weird that these companies are just now branching out to do other things slightly similar to what their original buisness was (razor makes games good = now selling games, snapchat making videos and photos and dick pics go worldwide = making worldwide entertainment for everyone) I think I like it, but I’ve never used snapchat so I dunno what to think about it. though this razor thing is new to me so I’ll have to go check that out now, thanks!


Yea, but who reads the confusing print?