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Rayman legends epic games



Awesome game, don’t miss it.


Thanks for the reminder. :smiley:


I grabbed it thanks. Only one every played was Great Escape - which was really cool. ^^


I have 100%ed both this one and Origins on PS4. They are fantastic, and very difficult. These are like Mario on steroids.

NOTE, if you are playing multiplayer, there is friendly fire. Many, many, many, many times my family and I got pretty heated from mishaps when playing together. Still had lots of fun though playing together.

Edit: the first music level, Castle rock, is my favorite platforming level I’ve ever played. Absolute perfection.


I can believe that! I screwed up in the Great Escape so very much, lol. Never finished it, but man it was fun. Friendly fire sound ev3l, ha ha.


I never thought that the games were that hard, I assumed I just don’t really like platformers. Or my patience is lowered after one or two levels. At least that’s what I felt for Origins, but overall they are excellent


Thanks, @dogetail, for the info.