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Rate a Steam Wishlist



Let’s be honest i’ve probably seen this ‘game’ somewhere before but cant remember it and my brain claimed it as an original idea of mine :smiley:

So , basically , you scroll through steam wishlist of person above you and rate it from 1 to 10 depending on what do you think of games on it and then post your own wishlist to be rated by the next person and so on. Some commentary besides just ’ 6/10 ’ is highly welcome for it to be more interesting to read through.

I’ll start

Alternative link

My wishlist is no particular order so dont focus on that.


0/10 -would not read again.


You broke my game , sir. It;s there, it’s real.


Your games library and therefor also your wishlist is set to not public I would assume. So only people logged in and on your friendslist would see it.


Should be good now , thanks for pointing me into the right direction.


looks fun… but ill need to do a clean up of my wish list… I’m getting close to 200 games and i’m pretty sure that 3/4 of them don’t interest me anymore xD

@DontBeSilly nice lineup in your list, a bit too many DLC for my taste but overall 5/7


Well this doesnt seem to work in any shape or form so could you lock/delete this @delenn13 , thanks <3


aw nu i was gonna post link lol


Go ahead…Just don’t anyone try my WISHLIST(2481) It will flood you out!!! :exploding_head:

Here is mine
Dunno if the whole thing will load, but should be able to see some of it. I can’t remember a lot of it tbh ;p


0/10 no Garfield kart


NaN/NaN cannot view.


I am locking as requested.:star_struck: