(rant) MacOS Catalina & Steam - 64-bit shenanigans

Alright alright, first and foremost - what in the absolute f*ck.

After upgrading to Catalina this week, I’ve regretted it. Here’s a comprehensive list of what I hate about it -

  1. Took up more space on my limited storage space ($1000 laptop, y’all)
  2. Guest user magically disappeared
  3. Upgraded to 64-bit - encountered more problems than solutions
  4. Removed access to most of the Steam games that I want to buy + restricted access to some 32-bit games in my Steam library (which is like, half of my library), but allows me to download the games (???)
  5. My Macbook doesn’t support Sidecar (which allows me to use my iPad as a second display), even though it’s only a few years old.
  6. I can’t downgrade without going through a million miles of burning flames.

The thing is that I went into this update expecting nothing but a sleuth of well-placed features (ex. Sidecar and dark mode). Apple, being Apple, decided to Thanos snap 32-bit applications out of nowhere and gave us no easy way to downgrade. I can’t even play my Steam games to release my newfound rage for Apple.

So, yeah. Sorry for the rant. But hey, at least there’s dark mode.

Extra Rant #1: Something as big as a 64-bit upgrade is something you ANNOUNCE PROFUSELY, not hide. As of now, I can only play one or two games in my already tiny Steam library (thanks, Apple!)


ouch, sorry to hear about that.


yikes fuck apple. I hear you can crack into that macbook and probably install windows or linux in it. mind you, I’ve never attempted, but in your place I’d just say “fuck it” and go for it. :woman_shrugging:


Would definitely try to do that, but as a teenager with no guarentee that this would succeed, I’m not particularly fond of trying it.


IIRC it’s called bootcamp.


Correct you are! Here’s Apple themselves telling us how to:

@Buzzyboii you sure you don’t wanna give this a go? That’s Apple giving simple instructions on how to do it!

Macbook themselves tend to have excellent hardware. The OS is what usually causes problems.


non-inflammatory question, why do people even buy macbooks in recent years?

With all the reveals of subpar parts, assembly, design -flaws etc etc, their business practice of deliberately trying to scam people on repairs, withholding spare/repair parts, demanding “proprietary” parts with authorized shops/void “warranty”, a warranty that is near non-existent or attempting to skirt it in almost all cases, and do everything possible to make repairs/replacement/upgrades impossible(aka anti customer practices,) so on and so forth
With the ability to get “custom” laptops, and only the top of the line macbook pros that seem to have decent hardware to price ratio, what benefit is there for people, both the average citizen and professionals to acquire a macbook?
^it’s something i’ve not understood for years

the iphone “loyalty”/brand addiction i can almost slightly understand with stuff like iphones and such.
But with macbooks i don’t understand the benefits of tossing money apple’s way, do they poses some magic i’m not aware of as a luddite commoner?

Specially with someone like Louis Rossman “screaming” about common Apple flaws in products/practices for years


Thanks for the link, but the main problem isn’t accessibility per se, but the fact that my Mac only has 126 gbs of storage space (with only 20-30 gbs remaining of storage space).


110% agree with you here. But there are some reasons why people use Mac:

  1. Illusion of wealth. People who own iPhone X’s can generally be touted as “rich” in a sense. Same with everyone who wears AirPods in the streets - you can cleraly tell that they’re, in some way, rich.

  2. Opinion. Some people just prefer Macs over Windows, whether it would be the keyboard, OS, amount of Mac supported software (ex. Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro X), etc.

  3. Used hardware from family/friends. Most of my relatives own Apple devices, and when they switch to a new device (typically upgrading from an old iPhone to a more recent model), that phone either gets passed down to someone else in the family or is kept away for later use.

  4. College students. College students normally like Macbooks, for reasons that I can only hypothesize on what they are (portability, software, necessity by college?)

  5. Recognition. Apple is a well-known brand, and most people would rather go for something that they are extremely familiar with rather than something that they aren’t that familiar with. The thing that speaks out to me is the fact that “Windows” isn’t simply one series of laptops/computers/phones, but instead an OS. People don’t refer to a Dell laptop/desktop as a “Windows machine”. They refer to it as Dell. When you talk about a Macbook, people immediately recognizes what that is - a Macbook. The select variety of Apple computers make it so that it is more recognizable than (most) Windows devices.

  6. Loyalty. People who already own Apple products would be more likely to purchase another product from the same company because, as stated, they are more familiar with it.

(also, Louis Rossman is awesome, props for adding that last line)


I don’t agree with all your points. But here’s the reason I Macs twice a year, @Gnuffi :

Work. I use them for printing-relate jobs. You’ll never proof a magazine, a catalog or even a leaflet at a high-end printer in anything other than a Mac. That’s because you need precision with your colors and that’s something only Macs can do.

Other than that, I think Apple’s higher-ups are brainwashing dickheads who created an expensive brand based on style over substance whilst cutting their costs by avoiding their tax duties and keeping on pretending that anything Steve Jobs ever did in his whole life had a sliver of originality to it past generating his own child.

I dislike them.


64GB or more free storage space on your Mac startup disk:
You can have as little as 64GB of free storage space, but at least 128GB of free storage space provides the best experience. Automatic Windows updates require that much space or more.

Back your stuff up to a cloud external HD, get a new OS in and enjoy life.

Oh, and Linux requires way less space than Windows. Although I assume that if your issue is not being able to play X Y or Z games you might want to go with Windows (:


Yep, the primary reason for me wanting to upgrade to Windows is for the extended library of games, but I do not have access to a cloud/local external hard drive/SSD because, well, I just don’t.

Also, I might have found a solution to my problem. My friend said that I can factory reset my laptop, which would bring my OS back to about Sierra. However, this would wipe all my data, so I might need to buy a flash drive.


As I have said many a time, I know nothing about Macs. But I read this and a lot of them said something about a cold boot. IOW, shut the dang thing off completely and let it set for about 2 or 3 mins then flip it back on.

Plus I saw this:

Here’s the link:

Hopefully you get it fixed…:crossed_fingers:t3:


Do you have access to another computer? Perhaps a friend’s? You could transfer vital stuff over then factory reset your laptop and grab the stuff back.

How much data do you have that you consider to be of utmost importance to keep? If you cannot get an external HD or have more data than what cloud services like Google Drive, Dropbox, One Drive, etc., offer for free (usually from 2GB to 4GB), then consider going with a pen drive to backup your stuff.

Wish you luck!


To be fair, Apple has been making the 32-bit app deprecation quite clear for at least 2 versions of Mac OS. It’s hardly a surprise to anyone who’s been paying attention.

Remember, kids: never update right away.


Very sorry for not responding to this thread, I was busy.

I’m going to try to buy an external HDD/SSD on Black Friday or Cyber Monday and use Boot Camp to dual boot Windows. I need Osu in my life.

Thanks for the help, y’all. You guys are fucking amazing.


Necro topic, but since it already exists… I’m in this position right now… Steam is suggesting Bootcamp to me… So… what fresh hell am in for please?

PS: I am NOT installing Monterey. Like no. I really don’t want to risk messing up my friend’s Mac and so far, Monterey has messed up some folks.


Boot Camp? The squirrel is in the Armed services now??? Oh, and don’t anyone try and upload that pic of a squirrel with a gun. Be more inventive than that.


The :chipmunk: just trying to get the darling little Magic Box aka Mac to play nice TT

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Okay. How about a grenade?


How inventive do we really need squirrel warfare to get?