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Random Keys Incinerator



Argh, someone was faster than me!

God damn generous of you, though.

Well, makes sense now seeing that you posted 22 minutes ago and whoever took it didn‘t say anything.
Might I throw out some insults to flush him out? :thinking:


Wooraay I gotta celebrate by finding even more keys lol…

It’s ok. Anyone can take as much as their steam account can handle :V

Ninjas ,man. They are everywhere… ;w;



At least they’re cute.


Edited the first comment… THIS ONE IS AS GOOD AS DEAD…


Don’t make me start loving them…

Not like I proposed a solution or anything.

Is there a badge for being a cocky smartass?


Took one of each, thank you very much, these games are a lot of games I see in giveaways and im never lucky enough to win any of them >.<


This ia good thing. You are doing. Thank you :heavy_heart_exclamation:


Thanks :two_hearts:

Trying to collect all the keys I find in one txt before flooding this threat with comments lol but afraid to lose where I left it after… :joy::thinking:


what is a snitch ?




They usually get stitches too.



Why did I had all there keys, god… still might find more lol…

Any ideas on how to make that long ass text wall readable are welcome lol I arranged them in Alphabet but still way too long :thinking:


text wall?

I believe the way you are posting them are fine… unless that is a hassle for you. Would it be easier to take your text file, organize in a spreadsheet, and copy/paste here?

quick example: (I unno!!)

Game 1

Game 2

Game 3


I think I am just misinterpreting what you mean :stuck_out_tongue:


I just thought that it was really long… dunno I though of using the Hide Details option but meeh dunno :thinking:

That would be a hassle to the readers… I was never good with spreadsheets tho…

Not the first nor the last :joy:


YEAH! I think the hide details would be cool… list the game and under the details all the keys.

bwahahaha, plenty more where it came from!! :smiley:


Hid all the keys, became better but dunno :thinking:… Added few I found today :joy:


Took Orbital, Pigmentum and Loot Hero DX. Damn thats a lot of games on that list, way too many :smiley: