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Random Keys Incinerator



You should add to those rules that, if is known, indicate if it is a proper game or DLC, since steam won’t let you activate DLC unless you have the game it is for.


That’s a good rule tho… But sometimes I dunno what do I have in those txts lol…


Edited the first comment… THIS ONE IS AS GOOD AS DEAD…


I see those games don’t hold real value to you hence the name of the thread, but if you want to eliminate ninjas altogether I would suggest only listing titles.
People would have to ask for games and at the same time they have a second to think about if they actually want it as it requires more than just copy-pasting the key and claiming it.

But everyone can decide for themselves and if they care where the game goes.


That’s not a bad Idea :thinking: but I sometimes disappears either because of college or other irl stuff so why not leave them here so that no one has to wait for me to reply…


PS: I’m LAZY and wanna hide it… Will end up creating a script or a bot and that gonna take me some thinking lol…
PS2: I cleared around 30kb worth of txt :V how can I keep hold on that much data my PC can’t handle the pressure :joy:


Edited the first comment… THIS ONE IS AS GOOD AS DEAD…


thx i grabbed this


Got this one thx


i used this one, tyvm!


Took this one, thank you!

By the way, I tried from the bottom up for the not-crossed out ones, they were all taken below that one as well.


Thanks for the tip… striked them :3


Edited the first comment… THIS ONE IS AS GOOD AS DEAD…


Thanks, took LF8P8-80JXN-7Z?GI


took V4T?Q-6KM8M-AN6PF Thank you love


took this, thx dude


Edited the first comment… THIS ONE IS AS GOOD AS DEAD…


Wow! That’s a lot of codes!

Thanks for the shower of freebies into the world! I think you’ve achieved Wise Benefactor status. = )


I redeemed :


took these, thanks again! (and just lmk if you dont want people taking multiple games)


Took 8BM?9-RHQTT-YNYNY ?=3 from A grande bagunça espacial - The big space mess

I already had the heaven island one from previous giveaways
Again, thansk for the key!! :smiley:


I can offer up :

The first and last letter of the code are swapped.

Also the first fighter looks similar to ChronieX :thinking:

Good Luck!