Ramsey, the hard knocks femme, free on itchio!

The game I’m currently developing is at the demo stage, but I’m releasing it for free.
Name: Ramsey
Type: RPG/Driving/Partial Romance Sim
Intended Audience:
LGBT+, Mature, Non-Squeamish, Able to handle stabs at the status quo
Engine: RM VXAce
Input Type: Keyboard/Gamepad (no special input drivers needed but in-game prompts will reference gamepad inputs because I play with a gamepad myself)
Input Notes: Depending on how Windows sets up your gamepad of choice with VX Ace games, you may have to set the dpad to arrow key emulation via an input sim like Joy2Key (it is something I have to do because otherwise it sets the movement to the thumbstick)
Expected game length: 40-80 hours**
Current demo length: 5-15 minutes***
Link: Check the title above

  • ** As this will be a game where one can replay cleared chapters for stuff they may of missed, this can vary and it might change at any time.
  • *** There’s already quite a bit of dialogue and hidden Ostara Gems all over, feel free to replay the demo to see them all. Or not; I’m not your mom, lolz

Thanks, @Amyrakunejo :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:


Aye. Dé rìen, mon ami.

I’m currently working on the v.0.2 update; it might make the end of May for release.