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Rainbow Six: Siege on Free Weekend (Uplay)


FROM JUNE 6TH, 18:00 UTC TO 9TH, 20:00 UTC
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Rainbow Six is on free weekend this weekend. Currently announced via Uplay. Whether it hits steam will be known tomorrow.


or not is kind of pointless isn’t it? The steam version still just launches uplay right?
So anyone who’d want to try it out would have to go to uplay anyway. So why bother involving the steam client?


Technically yes, but not completely. It launches the service.

Maybe someone would like to keep them consolidated on Steam?


Since you’re just playing the free version that’s kind of moot, you wont have the game either way and should you decide to purchase it later then by all means feel free to do so on steam.


I wonder how GOG 2.0 is going to handle the 2 client requirements. Going to be interesting to see how they do it it.

Anyhow, thanks for the warning! :slight_smile:


Quite frankly, I find your argument moot too. What does it matter if someone wants to play through steam? It’s their decision. Whether it makes logical sense is irrelevant.