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Rage Quitting


For giggles, anyone want to chat a bit about games that made them want to (or actually did) throw stuff? Would you suggest anyone else try them out? I’m more the burst into tears type, but hey frustrated tears is also a thing, right?:no_mouth:

Edit: We have our first category, thanks to @rporter711 ^^ Would you believe there are Speed Runs of #1 and #3?

Update: Markiplier made a series of 8 videos, 1 almost 2 hours long, trying to beat Getting Over It. The times when he fell, I almost cried for him. T_T

Moments in games that prompted the RAWR! also count. I’ll be adding mine when I get a chance.

Torture Games

  1. Getting Over it with Bennett Foddy Steam link, Humble Trove if you’re a subscriber
  2. Jump King Steam link
  3. I want to be the Boshy Creator’s website
  4. Pogostuck Steam link


So torture games basically, Getting over it, Jump King and I want to be the Boshy come to mind :smiley: Yeah, these are games I would never ever play but its fun as hell to watch people play and rage at them


Shadow of the Colossus. Because grip.


I had thought that game is more sad than anything since to have to kill such pretty creatures. Grip?


Actually a lack thereof. You have to hold on and climb things. There is a grip meter and it royally annoyed me.


OH! Well, I can add a new title called “Rage Mechanics”. Man I’ve had my share of those. >.<


Whew… I have a few. Will keep it short cause it’s late.

Hollow Knight. Nearly quit after a mandatory platforming segment with a bunch of thorns before unlocking one of the main areas in the game. It’s now one of my favorite titles.

Thomas Was Alone, c. 2014. Haven’t touched it in 5 years because of a platforming section that pissed me off. I should probably get back to it. It’s an excellent game and very unique in its storytelling.

The Prince of Persia Trilogy. In my upbringing I learned to love the sand in the beach and BLOODY HATE THESE STUPID SAND MONSTERS DIE DIE DIE- I mean they’re great games.

Zork Anthology. And that’s because I own the collector’s edition with the manual, maps etc etc… Sigh.

Baba is You. I feel personally victimized by this game. @Vandem can attest.

Rocket League. I can’t vroom vroom ft @NICK9X9


for me it’s every team related competitive game…

the feeling of being trap with useless teammate that are the same rank as you for some reason but when playing with you cant make the difference between their right and left…

it started with counterstrike, then once i got tired of the toxicity i moved to dota… figured out soon enough that it wasn’t better and not i’m on rocket league… i mean if i have to make an Atlas of myself carrying my team … i prefer having smaller team cs and dota are 5v5 rocket are 2v2 or 3v3… so it’s easier to carry the trash out



Man, Getting Over It was such a fun game though. It made me rage more than just about any other game, but it was still really fun.

and yeah Overwatch (as much as I love it) really drives me up the wall as it’s a team game, so if even 1 or 2 members of my team do poorly (on purpose or not) it can make the game a losing battle.


I’m gonna k33l Steam. My controller analog stick and D-Pad are inverted and there’s no fixing it.

urge to throw things rising


I’m actually quite quick tempered so ‘rage quitting’ is a thing i’ve struggled all my gaming life pretty much. But for the last 5 or so years i’m actively avoiding online multiplayer games ( with occasional exception ) to keep myself from having those moments when i want to throw my keyboard to the wall.


Turn your monitor upside-down. No need to thank me.


@xist Inverted laptop. Introverted player. There’s a kind of symmetry to that.


Well, it’s story time!
You see, I don’t get angry, or rage. Wow, that was a pretty disappointing story… Anyways, for some reason I am just incapable of getting angry, or well, I can if course get angry, but not a single game has ever managed to make me rage.
No anger, only happiness allowed c:


@TsundereWaffle For reals? That’s cool. Teach us your calming secrets. ^^




For me it’s pretty much that I just don’t see a point in getting angry, especially at something like a video game. If something doesn’t work out or I keep dying it’s just showing that I need to get better :stuck_out_tongue:


Me too. It’s a game. Life is too short to sweat the small stuff.:thinking:


@delenn13, @TsundereWaffle

It’s true. For me, I more get saddened - which still isn’t good. It’s true, it’s just a game and a chance to do better, or just stop and come back to another time. :slight_smile:

I’m more apt to rage quit a story or storyline, coz it’s super annoying to have a story start strong, have good characters, and then for it all to go to H-E-Double-Hockey sticks in a hand basket. More so, if you were like half-way through.


I understand you and i really thing the same way… but lately i am getting bursts of angry when i die in the games, obviously i can tell this is something beyond games… i hope book, meditation, family and friends helps me…