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Raffle Waffle 12 - Continuity



Thx You :slight_smile:


H. :tickets::tickets::tickets:
L. :tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets:
O. :tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets:
thanks man


H. :tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets:
K. :tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets:
L. :tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets:

Thanks! :vulcan_salute: :grin:


B: :tickets:
C: :tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets:
D: :tickets:
E: :tickets::tickets:
F: :tickets:
G: :tickets:
I: :tickets::tickets:
K: :tickets::tickets:
L: :tickets::tickets:
P: :tickets:
Q: :tickets::tickets:

Thank you!


Thanks for the giveaway @Pylinaer!

E. :tickets: :tickets: :tickets:
L. :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets:
P. :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets:
Q. :tickets: :tickets: :tickets:


I’ve watched the trailers on Steam - about a dozen times.
Then I’ve listened to them - a couple dozen more.
Then I thought hey, maybe there are some tracks on YouTube.

And they were - the whole OST - courtesy of the author himself.

And then there’s Cactus^^

I got so much joy from it, I feel this giveaway has already made me a winner:D

B. :tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets:
C. :tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets:
K. :tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets:


Thanks for the chance(s)!

A. :tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets:
B. :tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets:
N. :tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets:


Ack! How did I miss this?

B. :tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets:


Thank you very much for another raffle @Pylinaer and @DontBeSilly for the contributions :slight_smile:

C. :tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets:
I. :tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets:
Q. :tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets:


Maaan, such a nice selection! Thank you for the chance!

E. :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets:
I. :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets:
L. :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets:


@discobot roll 8d16


:game_die: 10, 8, 7, 16, 11, 10, 3, 11


Entries are now locked :lock:


:stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars:

The results are in… :incoming_envelope:

:gift: Winner Chance Sponsor
Alien Spidy rallen4269 85.7%
Assault Android Cactus GDBringer 8.3%
Crawl FacuBlues 9.9%
Frog Detective BlivetWidget 16.3%
Hard West zoex 14.3% @DontBeSilly
Hiveswap: Act 1 bobobo 25.0%
King’s Bounty: Warriors of the North - Valhalla Edition rumble69 7.9% @DontBeSilly
Masquerade: The Baubles of Doom dast 18.4%
Override: Mech City Brawl Schizo 13.0%
PAC-MAN Championship Edition 2 NME1 25.0%
Paradigm markwr 13.5%
Planet Alpha ErZeTe 5.9%
Quest of Dungeons mert 26.1%
Regular Human Basketball rallen4269 77.8%
Speed Brawl SensaHuMuR 9.3%
The Spiral Scouts ahmed11037 13.2%
Worms Revolution NaifGs 5.9%

Ticket stats :bar_chart:

42 total valid entries with 769 tickets

:gift: :tickets: Total*
Alien Spidy 7 0.9%
Assault Android Cactus 84 10.9%
Crawl 71 9.2%
Frog Detective 43 5.6%
Hard West 42 5.5%
Hiveswap: Act 1 4 0.5%
King’s Bounty: Warriors of the North - Valhalla Edition 63 8.2%
Masquerade: The Baubles of Doom 38 4.9%
Override: Mech City Brawl 54 7.0%
PAC-MAN Championship Edition 2 28 3.6%
Paradigm 52 6.8%
Planet Alpha 85 11.0%
Quest of Dungeons 23 3.0%
Regular Human Basketball 9 1.2%
Speed Brawl 43 5.6%
The Spiral Scouts 38 4.9%
Worms Revolution 85 11.0%

*Does not add to 100% due to rounding


You will be contacted via PM and must reply within 72 hours to claim your prize. Unclaimed prizes will be re-raffled.

If you read this before you receive your PM, feel free to PM me first. :clap:

See you next time

Thank you all for participating. Raffle 14 will be hosted in the near future.


Game redeemed. A big Thx You :slight_smile:


Congrats to the winners and thanks again @Pylinaer and @DontBeSilly for the giveaway!! :raised_hands:


Game Claimed, thank you very much.


It has come to my attention that I made an error with the changes I made to @ohko 's code that would change approximately half of the winners for this round.

HOWEVER, since the mistake still produced reasonable results, and all the PMs have already been sent, the winners will stand as they are.

I am simply writing this for transparency. The mistake will be corrected in future raffles.

Thanks to @Danacscott for helping me discover the error.


Congrats to all the winners and thank you to @Pylinaer for the chance :grinning:


@Pylinaer, Thank you for the raffle. :fireworks: