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Raffle 9: It could be anything...




welp thanks for the giveaway, appreciate the constant love


Hahaha! I know right!?

Lately, if I win I also buy a lottery ticket. But no ticket this time! Unlucky day!

Congrats to the winners!


holy shiz i put so many more tickets


the problem is you didn’t sell your soul to the devil. That’s the only way to win these giveaways, didn’t you receive the memo?

ohko plis i joke don’t stop loving me ty



Yay! I won something! :tada:
Thanks to everyone involved!
I swear I’ll drop a code for Anthem or something on some future raffle just as way of thanks

@Vindace Of course I will… in November, once I get my new PC, and have a little training with it…
But count me in! :+1: