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Raffle 5: In the name of the mother...


@francot and @DimTheDin, read the entry instructions more carefully :fairy:


Thanks for doing this once again, hope I win this time :hamster:

For the anecdote, it’s not an anecdote per se, but rather a lesson my mother was trying to teach me every time i went too far. So this is how it would go: I was a playful, wild child, doing all sorts of things those kind of children do, and when I’d go too far, she would always take something and put it on the counter or table and slowly start pushing it saying see this is you, pushing the thing a bit and bit closer to the edge, repeating the same words how I’m always pushing things too far, until the thing fell.
I don’t know how or why, but I guess that process of her pushing the thing until it fell made me feel calmer and more obedient. Dunno, maybe those were some life lessons or her way of slowing me down, who knows, I might have learned something from that in the end after all…

My entries:

H. :tickets::tickets:
J. :tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets:
O. :tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets:

Good luck guys!!!


@ohko, thank you for doing another raffle. Thanks to the sponsors as well! I really think this is the best format. :slight_smile: :clap:

My mother is possibly the hardest working person I have ever known or met. I think that’s why I always feel that no matter how hard I work or how many hours I put in, I can never be quite as good as she is. A funny anecdote was when she was applying for a specific job position at her current company years ago. Her now boss asked her a question regarding the specifics of their particular product and how she would deal with a problem. The problem was related to the shelf-life of the product. She, having limited English skills, asked two questions back at her boss, one was basically what the product is, because she had absolutely no idea. The other question was “What is shelf-life?” Well, I guess she made a good enough impression for someone who is outright honest and willing to dig further in order to do everything properly that she got the job. So the lesson from her and from this story is to just ask about something you don’t know, instead of pretending to be smart about something while not knowing. So I am never afraid of asking for help when I need to. It’s how I learn and how I will become a better person every day. :smiley:

My entries for this round:

K. :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets:
L. :tickets:
N. :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets:

Good luck to everyone else, as well as myself!


Thanks again, @ohko!

I could go on and on about how my mother has influenced my life and philosophy, but to keep it brief: from her selfless care of our family, young and old, while I was growing up to the “me time” days she would still try to set for herself, she taught me to
(1) always put family FIRST
but …
(2) take care of yourself before you can take care of others

Here I draw:
B. :tickets::tickets::tickets: :tickets: :tickets:
E. :tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets::tickets:
I. :tickets::tickets:
K. :tickets:
O. :tickets:


BAFFLED! I tell ya!..Just totally baffled :exploding_head:


My apologies for the late roll. I was taking care of some personal matters.

@discobot roll 8d16


:game_die: 9, 5, 7, 2, 7, 4, 12, 8


Entries are now locked :lock:

I will process the results later this evening.



I am knee deep in anticipation.

Good luck to all participants!


:stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars:

Thank you everyone for being patient while I couldn’t be here.

The results are in… :incoming_envelope: :point_left:

:gift: Winner Chance Sponsor
Acceleration of SUGURI 2 matia 53.8% Darwid
Azkend 2: The World Beneath AcornAvenger 50% scar1
Abalone Danacscott 100% elrodiel
Bear With Me - Collector’s Edition StarsJumper 17.5% Darwid
Black The Fall DonGacho 16.1% elrodiel
Cube Runner 0% persistnt
Galak-Z AHMEDJXZ 25%
Kentucky Route Zero sluz 4.2%
Shark Attack Deathmatch 2 DimTheDin 87.5% Darwid
Small World 2 sluz 66.7% elrodiel
Space Engineers nooralabase 18.9% RaccoonV
Sparkle Unleashed YQMaoski 100% scar1
Spin Rush wasabiyoyo 100% persistnt
The Shrouded Isle DonGacho 5.7%
The Surge Fraggles 11.5%

Ticket stats :bar_chart:

25 total entries with 353 tickets

:gift: :tickets: Total
Acceleration of SUGURI 2 13 3.7%
Azkend 2: The World Beneath 6 1.7%
Abalone 4 1.1%
Bear With Me - Collector’s Edition 40 11.3%
Black The Fall 31 8.8%
Cube Runner 0 0%
Galak-Z 4 1.1%
Kentucky Route Zero 48 13.6%
Shark Attack Deathmatch 2 8 2.3%
Small World 2 9 2.5%
Space Engineers 37 10.5%
Sparkle Unleashed 1 0.3%
Spin Rush 3 0.8%
The Shrouded Isle 88 24.9%
The Surge 61 17.3%


Please send me a PM to claim your prize. Unclaimed prizes will be re-raffled in 72 hours.


@ :fairy:
KingJamezJr did not share story about mother
perez14mvp new registration; did not complete qualifier
RosetteoXChrno entered at the last minute; received multiple notices

See you next time

Thank you all for participating. The upcoming Raffle 6 will be hosted soon



:smiley: tank q


Congrats to everyone that won.

I finally took a look at the link

What a confusing spectacle! I’ll need to get back to my beginner computer sciencing to make sense of it. I’m so jealous.


@GDBringer Thanks for checking it out. I had to make some last-minute changes to accommodate the prize pool of Raffle 4 and introduced some mess along the way. The same code was used to run Raffle 5 because I was behind on processing the results. I planned to clean it up some and I’ll post a revision when it’s complete :smiley:


Congrats to all the winners and thanks again for the chance to @ohko and all the sponsors!!! :raised_hands: :+1:


@GDBringer I took some time tonight and cleaned up the raffle program. I was able to publish the updates at the same link.


Thanks! I looked through it and it was a bit different.

I didn’t mean to trouble you to make it more easily readable though! I’m sure if I stared at the former, I would have figured it out eventually.

Thanks for taking the extra time for my silliness.


@GDBringer it’s no problem. I’ve had to revise the code little by little for each giveaway. Raffle is the longest running series, so the program has undergone the most changes. After a while, a refactor is necessary to clean things up. I eventually plan to upload the programs on a site like github to make then more accessible to others.


Thank you so much to @ohko and @scar1 :sunflower:


Still waiting on @matia, @StarsJumper, @AHMEDJXZ and @DimTheDin claim their prize :hourglass: