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Raffle 3: Dear Esther, Ethereal, Figment, Last Day of June, Memoranda, Quest for Infamy, The Norwood Suite


cmon man, give me a new pair of boots


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The results are in… :incoming_envelope:

  1. @Scribesake wins Dear Esther — with a 10.9% chance to win
  2. @orbus wins Ethereal — with a 8.4% chance to win
  3. @wasabiyoyo wins Figment — with a 8.4% chance to win :boot:
  4. @Fraggles wins Last Day of June — with a 3.4% chance to win :four_leaf_clover:
  5. @DrFlamingo wins Memoranda — with a 9.2% chance to win
  6. @joxter wins Quest for Infamy — with a 15.6% chance to win
  7. @blavionlufaine wins The Norwood Suite — with a 9.8 chance to win

Ticket stats :bar_chart:

37 total entries with 489 tickets

  1. Dear Esther — 64 tickets (13.1%)
  2. Ethereal — 83 tickets (17%)
  3. Figment — 83 tickets (17%)
  4. Last Day of June — 87 tickets (17.8%)
  5. Memoranda — 76 tickets (15.5%)
  6. Quest for Infamy — 45 tickets (9.2%)
  7. The Norwood Suite — 51 tickets (10.4%)

Disqualifications :man_cartwheeling: :woman_cartwheeling:

  1. @coralinecastell - fell in the trap
  2. @Vindace - fell in the trap


Missed out this time? Try your luck in Lottery 1 which ends tomorrow!




Thanks for the giveaway my human :smiley:


@ohko Key works my turkey sandwich <3


no thank you, my zesty wood-and-string toy :blush:


XD thanks for adding zesty, I feel complete :smiley:


Hehe I loved this:

Was so worth it though :joy:

Congratulations to all the winners! :tada:


Never lucky :expressionless:

Oh well, thanks for the chance @ohko and @DontBeSilly and congrats to the winners! :+1:



I didn’t even realise there was a trap so that’s what I get I guess.


@Vindace one advantage of running a deterministic raffle is that you can see what the results would’ve been if your entry was qualified. Visit the results and “uncomment” your entry on line 41 by removing the leading //. Then click Run at the top. The winners are different of course (because the data is different), but alas you would not have won :disappointed_relieved:

But hopefully this at least gives you a little added peace that your qualification wouldn’t have changed the outcome for you specifically :raised_hands:

fwiw, the same is true for @coralinecastell