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Raffle 3: Dear Esther, Ethereal, Figment, Last Day of June, Memoranda, Quest for Infamy, The Norwood Suite


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The results are in… :incoming_envelope:

  1. @Scribesake wins Dear Esther β€” with a 10.9% chance to win
  2. @orbus wins Ethereal β€” with a 8.4% chance to win
  3. @wasabiyoyo wins Figment β€” with a 8.4% chance to win :boot:
  4. @Fraggles wins Last Day of June β€” with a 3.4% chance to win :four_leaf_clover:
  5. @DrFlamingo wins Memoranda β€” with a 9.2% chance to win
  6. @joxter wins Quest for Infamy β€” with a 15.6% chance to win
  7. @blavionlufaine wins The Norwood Suite β€” with a 9.8 chance to win

Ticket stats :bar_chart:

37 total entries with 489 tickets

  1. Dear Esther β€” 64 tickets (13.1%)
  2. Ethereal β€” 83 tickets (17%)
  3. Figment β€” 83 tickets (17%)
  4. Last Day of June β€” 87 tickets (17.8%)
  5. Memoranda β€” 76 tickets (15.5%)
  6. Quest for Infamy β€” 45 tickets (9.2%)
  7. The Norwood Suite β€” 51 tickets (10.4%)

Disqualifications :man_cartwheeling: :woman_cartwheeling:

  1. @coralinecastell - fell in the trap
  2. @Vindace - fell in the trap


Missed out this time? Try your luck in Lottery 1 which ends tomorrow!




Thanks for the giveaway my human :smiley:


@ohko Key works my turkey sandwich <3


no thank you, my zesty wood-and-string toy :blush:


XD thanks for adding zesty, I feel complete :smiley:


Hehe I loved this:

Was so worth it though :joy:

Congratulations to all the winners! :tada:


Never lucky :expressionless:

Oh well, thanks for the chance @ohko and @DontBeSilly and congrats to the winners! :+1:



I didn’t even realise there was a trap so that’s what I get I guess.


@Vindace one advantage of running a deterministic raffle is that you can see what the results would’ve been if your entry was qualified. Visit the results and β€œuncomment” your entry on line 41 by removing the leading //. Then click Run at the top. The winners are different of course (because the data is different), but alas you would not have won :disappointed_relieved:

But hopefully this at least gives you a little added peace that your qualification wouldn’t have changed the outcome for you specifically :raised_hands:

fwiw, the same is true for @coralinecastell