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Raffle 1: The Division, 7 Days to Die, Dungeons 3, Old Man's Journey, The Long Dark


Yeah I agree with you.
Plus I don’t really get why there is such discussion, it’s a giveaway, things might not 100 per cent go smoothly or fair so what. I’m fine with whatever rules so long as it’s generally fair, whatever slip-ups happen or confusions -shrugs- I wouldn’t do a raffle myself I don’t think because the work involved and the issues that arise when people cant claim prizes etc. as well as what rules to have or not have. It’s fine to point things out too, but seems like things got a little out of hand.

Memes can be pretty confusing honestly I remember sometime someone posted one and I thought they were upset with me for not turning up to some event, actually they meant it as a joke and the event wasn’t even on that day lol


I would type my opinion, but I think at this point it would be:


ok well this thread has gone to shit real fast. Great giveaway tho nonetheless.


Just keep it to “Thank yous” for now.:disappointed:


I think we forgot the one rule on



key works, thanks


I got my copy of Dungeons 3.


all honesty, i wanted long dark but maybe someone else will be so lucky. good luck everyone! (number gen is confusing to me and like i said, i had my eye on only one game (lol)