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Quick question about streaming.


So I have been streaming on and off for awhile and I am getting back into it and I am thinking about playing some of the games that are on the chrono store. I was wondering how I Get put on the part of the page that shows all the streams, Do I just stream the game and It will show up or will I have to put something in the title or what?


i think there is a partnership thing between chrono and those streamers you see on the main page
with contracts and things

yeah im too helpful, wait for someone more knowledgeable


Looking at the guys stream that is doing Jalopy right now he seems to be a partner, so you likely have to get in touch and be sponsored by them


Those are all content creators with a partnership with Chrono, so you will have get in touch with the admin staff if you want to become a partner:


thanks for the info :slight_smile: