QUICK Decision Making

It seems that my close monitoring of Chrono.gg as a proxy for humblebundle has lead me to miss something.

It is a book bundle, so odds are I just missed it… HOWEVER, as a tremendous fan of Lord of the Rings, and someone whose love of RPG’s was fostered right alongside DM of the Rings this seems like a great idea.

I am thinking of buying the $1 tier (I am too broke to get the higher tiers), but I was wondering if anyone had any strong opinion on this one…

QUICK! Talk me out of it! I am probably going to buy it in about 12 hours otherwise.



Could you say no to that face?


It is $1 dollar and The Lord of the Rings. The worse you could get out of it are some nice looking maps and some colorful lore. That’s worth $1, right?

Ooops, you wanted me to talk you out of it. Failed. :sweat_smile:


Well, after buying it and reading through the rules I just wanted to thank everyone for not talking me out of it.

It is a nice little system combining the more typical (what I refer to as) ‘Die pool’ based ruleset with a “unique” dice set (really just specific interpretations of a d6 and d12 rather than…say the Star Wars 8 different types of dice system), plus a well grounded world that provides plenty of opportunities to enhance your character as more than numbers of a page. I also like how it does equipment and advancement, the game really strives to keep everything grounded in the world (rather than focusing solely on the mechanics).

I have to say I found the idea of a 30 year long campaign really cool, but just wasn’t going to shell out $15 just for that book (that I likely won’t use).