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What games do you guys usually play? Which ones do you recommend? Any weird likes?
If someone sees this, it’s pretty cool! :smiley:


What games do we usually play? I’m guessing you are thinking primarily of multiplayer games you keep playing over and over then?

While I used to enjoy such things they’ve kind of lost their appeal to me in recent history, I’m mostly a single player gamer these days as such I play a lot of games, play them through and then pick up something new.

But the above mentioned title is one of my favourite ones which I can not recommend enough. In fact search the name of it and you’ll come across many of my earlier posts that will better explain why.


Disclaimer: Wall of Text INC

“What games do you guys usually play?”

argh that’s a tough one :confounded:, like many of the other type posts with “favourite X n’ Y”-type thing, it’s difficult to “list” something for me in that fashion, because there are so many different games, types, genres, etc, and some overlap, some don’t, so would feel near impossible for me just to categorize it as “i usually play x

but like @Fraggles i’m SO over the whole multiplayer thing
To the point i don’t even consider buying/playing “multiplayer-only”-games any longer.
Toxic generations/people/communities, poor (net)coding/optimization balancing etc, or hacks galore(the 1 thing i despise most about PC masta race):space_invader:, and whatever negative you might think of regarding MP feel free to insert here
it’s reached a point for me, where there is just not enough joy/reward from enduring all that, in most multiplayer sessions/games, so i stick to mainly SP for the most part now
also, might just be an age thing, but i no longer have the “need” to be bezt or nr1 mlg-“man i’m so gud i should go pro”, my desires are much more casual these days,
I’d rather deal with bots/ai than hc try-hards that “practice” 10+hours a day yet without it being their profession,
give me SC2 custom game+hard/elite AI over ladder any day! Also bots don’t call you a hacker or try to get you banned when you headshot a self proclaimed pro, or streamer, even tho it turns out your average k/d might be below 0 lol :innocent:
so no thx to online/random multiplay :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Singleplayer games i enjoy a lot ranging from shooters, rts, rpg, action to, -oh there the endless listing begins, :wink: (you see why it’s hard to say?).
What i’ll say is i put an emphasis on gameplay vs “other”, meaning the more boring or bad the gameplay is, the other aspects of the games need to shine spectacularly
a game like A Bird Story for instance might not have the most exciting gameplay(if any, really) but the story is wonderful.
Whereas the plot/story in Doom+Wolfenstein New Order is your average hollywood 80’s b-movie bollocks, but damn is the shooting satisfying. And to compare; CoD has become so bland, stale and samey that i just don’t care about either story or gameplay, thus i’m no longer interested in that franchise.
Starcraft has both a great (imo) campaign story, but also some of the best rts gameplay in modern games, so that’s a double win for me. Total War doesn’t have the best overall gameplay, but it’s so “different” that it’s highly refreshing an makes you accept some of the drawbacks
I don’t care much for contemporary sandbox games, thus my interest in something like GTA has waned a lot, (and i instantly disregarded Watchdogs because of that premise)
but give me an rpg sandbox like fallout or skyrim or STALKER and alike and i’ll sink tons hours into that sucker, because even if the story is weak or perhaps the gameplay is average at best, a “fantasy” setting combined with the free roaming “do anything” element peaks my interest a lot more than a contemporary/close modern setting does
Since i played a ton of old games back when i was a kid then, the whole “modern 8-16bit revival” hype isn’t really something i share. I don’t usually dismiss a game solely based on graphics, but holy hell do your game need to offer me a lot if it’s just “another” 8-16bit 2d-platformer, because i’m so played out with those. :dizzy_face:
(they were kinda all we had back in the day so i don’t need/want to play a 100 “new” ones unless they bring something seriously inspiring)
also, i used to like zombies, but maybe because of the same thing like above, playing so much, it just loses it’s appeal eventually, so while i did play and own a lot of zombois stuff, it’s not something i’m likely to get all excited about today if a new one pops up for release.
I usually don’t like jrpg’s (i know right?-blasphemy for not liking Final Fantasy, Suikoden etc, let the hate flow forth :smiling_imp:) because i absolutely hate the turn based combat, or other elements
but at the same time i utterly love the “strategy” and turn based combat in stuff like KOTOR, Wasteland 2, X-COM series, (makes sense right?:smirk:)
I loved Diablo 2 and Torchlight, but even tho a good hack 'n slash is wonderful, “the grind” i’m less tolerant to these days. And that realization for instance made me not want to try Diablo 3, despite getting urged to a lot, and yet i’m still looking out for that next great hacking and slashing that might come again

I love a good story in games, but the story needs to be really good to make me forgive mediocre gameplay
but good gameplay have no trouble making me forgive bad story,
and good graphics can never make me forgive either story or gameplay :persevere:. (probably why i don’t buy many new AAA anymore lol) :joy_cat:

so instead of what games i usually play, i can say which games i’m planning to play/finish (when i find the time, because something always seem to come up these days and interrupt the “gaming schedule” lol)

because either one of them had some of those redeeming qualities :thumbsup: that peaked my interest enough, not just to buy it, but to actually install and want to play too at some time “soon’ish” (whether or not they will all live up to that i can’t say yet ofc)

“Which ones do you recommend?”

again this is a tough one for me, because there are so many games, and so many variables
but 1 i do find that i recommend to people despite that is

it’s “delightfully depressing”,
which might seem like an odd description :upside_down:, but the difference from this game and many others, is you’re the “victim of war” trying to survive and outlast it,
and even tho maybe “average at best”-game to many, what it does differently to many other “survive/outlast X/apocalypse” games is little depressing features and mechanics that plays well in to the scenario

other than that, blank recommendations are hard for me, since i feel most games deserves the right audience,
just because i love Starcraft doesn’t mean i will recommend it willy-nilly, if it happens to be you’re the type that hates rts, etc. with other genres&games too.

“Any weird likes?”

idk if these games are weird, if me liking them is weird, or if it makes me weird for liking them, :thinking:
in any case, these are some games i play/own i would place near in that general obscure vicinity of weird likings for me

yes i really like this 1, despite having people roll their eyes at me when i say i liked it, or walk away when i said i preferred it over the predecessors :smile_cat:

no special reason why, probably just nostalgia

again, can’t say why, maybe cos’ clowns? or just nostalgia again

i grew up with the original snake on mobile phones, you know those phones that were mobile before smartphones?, might be why i’m so captivated by this weird bird-hybrid-monstrosity


(tho i prefer the graphics in OMD1)
for some reason i keep returning to Nation Red+OMD when i need that little wave killing “itch” scratched, or just have 10mins of boredom i need to pass, but don’t have the time to fire up another game for a real/full session

because i’m that far gone i really like this (even tho it’s “not healthy” according to my nan :rolling_eyes:)
“why go Postal when you can just do a Manhunt instead?”

and to really mess with you, lets finish off with

yes, yes i actually like it, i’m even considering the sequel for purchase at some point :head_bandage:
no, go away with that straight-jacket, i really don’t need it,
oh, mandatory you say,
-try and catch me!


:+1: for Mark of the Ninja.

I mostly play single player games these days as well. I tend to prefer indie games over the big budget releases. Some of my favorite genres are strategy/tactics games, 2D or third person action games (think Salt & Sanctuary, Hyper Light Drifter, DMC, anything Platinum Games), challenging platformers, RPGs, and any game that lets me build a city.

I currently have 158 games in my Steam library (not too shabby considering I only got my gaming PC in February of 2017) - all of which are quality games that I enjoy/will eventually enjoy playing.

I also have about 200 games on various consoles (~70% are retail box games), but I rarely play them anymore.

A few of the games I’ve been playing lately:

Ninja Pizza Girl
Hollow Knight
Airheart: Tales of Broken Wings
Momodora: Reverie Under The Moonlight

I don’t play any sports games outside of Tennis Elbow 2013 and the occasional ‘arcadey’ game like Super Arcade Football (soccer), Kopanito All-Stars Soccer or Super Mega Baseball: Extra Innings.

Any weird likes?” Probably the weirdest game I have in my library is 7 Grand Steps: What Ancients Begat. Somehow, I managed to sink 8-hours into this game :confused:. Jack Lumber is also kind of a weird game, I guess.

The last game I bought was Terroir - right here on Chrono a few days ago. I like wine and it looked somewhat interesting. This could be considered a weird game. It’s probably the only vineyard simulation game in existence. From a gameplay perspective, it’s pretty similar to other ‘tycoon’ games.

The weirdest game I am looking forward to, which seems to be taking forever to come out, is:

Battle Chef Brigade is tied with Cuphead for the longest amount of time spent on my Wishlist, btw. Both games look pretty awesome.

Which ones do you recommend?” You look like you would be a fan of Guardian Heroes on the Sega Saturn, so I’m going to recommend:

Wait, you’re not a fan of Guardian Heroes? Then I’m going to assume you like tactical RPGs and recommend:

But you also can’t go wrong with Mark of the Ninja or This War of Mine (as Fraggles & Gnuffi recommended) :wink:


Lol, @Fraggles, who could have guessed that was your pick? Where even in a poll about Saints Row, it was your pick.

You recommended it to me months ago, I have to say it is indeed good.

Here is my choice @mikolertesx

With so many good mods including Long War 2, you are basically getting 2 games. For F*ck sake, it was meant to be XCOM 2 but it keeps saying error.

Here, have a gif instead that solidifies the XCOM experience…


@Punkster, we learned in the “chrono-steamlink memo” last week before the gala luncheon, that you need to trim the fat off your steam links a bit to make them work/display proper on Chrono

(PS. freaking love the gif expertly depicting “99%” of Xcom fights) :joy_cat:


Very good, thank you @Gnuffi I just removed XCOM2 from the link and this time it worked. Very helpful.

Gala Luncheon, Chrono - Steamlink Memo? This is news to me.

Yes, the Gif of The Naked Gun is very apt for describing XCOM games. I wish it was my idea but it was not.

Thank you, again.


XCOM 2 is an awesome game! The OST is also great, squad loadout is one of my favourite tracks.

And that GIF is on point… lol

Right now I’m playing through Diablo 3 season. It’s mindless fun, but as @Gnuffi mentioned, the grind is real if you’re a solo player.


Seeing some of you pretty much describe my very own stance to modern multiplayer gaming. How do you guys feel about Co-op? There was a nice little resurgence of co-op titles now a number of years ago which I got a little excited about, but I never really had anyone to play with so that kind of poured through my fingers at the time.

Any of you have a co-op title in mind that you regretted never having had the opportunity to play? And do you want to play it with me? : )


I’ve used to play, ehm… how could I put it? Whatever. I’ve used to religiously play Call of duty: ghosts. Yeah. But instead of the PvP multiplayer, I was addicted to Extinction, a co-cop mode surrogate of Zombie.
I’ve played Extinction for hundred of hours, got all the damn near impossible achievements and had the time of my life with a bunch of friends. Good times :smile:


Get Hollow Knight. It’s good.

Also, I can’t stop playing Stardew Valley. One guy made that game, and the scope is just incredible.


Play this dumb board game with me, it’s basically the only thing I’ve kept coming back to for years.


This is actually some nice feedback, gonna read it when I get back from school. Thanks to everyone who took time to post something.