Quantum Conundrum - complete: 99¢ 🤣

don’t know if this is a game for any of “you people”: Quantum Conundrum
(First Person puzzle/platformer? -fairly positive steam reviews)
-but the hilariousness of this deals nature made me think it might be worth a mention :laughing:
right now the game is on sale on steam for 98cents($€),
however, this game has a season pass (dlc), that for some reason actually also includes the base game, meaning buying the season pass gets you dlc+main game :dizzy_face:, (what’s usually called a “pack”/edition of some sorts)
the funny thing besides the season pass’ containing the full game, is it’s only 1cent more than the base game, meaning instead of buying main game +season pass/dlc “seperately”/after each other, you get everything for 99cents if you just buy the season pass “solo”/on it’s own :smile:
maybe it’s worth checking out for some of you? :man_shrugging:

(on the “The Desmond Debacle” dlc store page, click/add the “top” dlc to cart, that specifically is called “Quantum Conundrum Season Pass”)
the season pass contains full game 10$(sale price 98cents) +2x3$ dlc and soundtrack 5$(no dlc sale price unless buying season pass: 99cents)

-no idea why they tucked the season pass away so obscurely on another dlc’s store page instead of its own, but they did, and i think all of this mess is somehow pretty funny, (so i bought it just for kicks) :rofl:


I remember this game, it seemed to be a little rushed out to ride on the coat tails of portal 2 but where Portal had ample charm and wit this only really had puzzles. At least that’s how I remember it, I maybe completely wrong. It’s certainly not a large gamble though.


Yeah I finished this game, it tried to emulate the charm of Portal 2 (this game had Kim Swift involved who was involved in the Portal series) with narration and setting, but doesn’t quite pull it off. It’s still a decent game; interesting puzzles and the dimensional shift stuff is good but that is what you have to want to get this for. For 1 dollar I certainly don’t mind recommending the game, but just don’t expect another Portal going into it and you should have a good time.


You got me to buy it just to make sure that it works for everyone else too, and of course it does. :smile: As for how on earth you managed to gnome your way around to this, I won’t even try to guess. :wink:


Ewwwww, I remember watching a let’s play of this. This game had some mindbending puzzles and I don’t like puzzles… It was fun to watch tho cause it wasn’t me who had to think :grimacing:


For this price, that’s an instabuy. Thanks for the heads-up.


The base game of this was pretty fun! One of the first games I think I’ve streamed and what made me realize Twitch had way too much delay at the time to have chat help you with puzzles :expressionless:


u’ve got a new follower! lol


Ayyy I don’t stream much these days but thanks :slight_smile: