Anyone interested in being my duo partner or potentially making a team :stuck_out_tongue:?

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Yes me but I don’t have the game :laughing:


Yikes, it looks like no one I know of has the game :frowning:

I have the game!

What games have you been playing recently?

Potential partner for you?

Yeah I’ll be down for a group when I’ll bought it on sale in about 2 years


I could be interested, but I play in Europe, so it kinda depends what region yr in too

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Sweet, what region are you in.

Lonin just duo with dusty.

Ah, rip.

I play in NA :confused:

well rip, would have been maybe doable had i actually been in europe, if yr on the east coast at least, but i play on europe from egypt, rofl, so there’s just no way

South America…